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The TurtleDub Podcast

Our podcast focuses on the issues in the world today, as interpreted by some 20-something-year-olds. We love discovering new ideas about our society and thinking about the way things will be in our futures. Our website is www.TurtleDub.com You can follow us on Twitter; we are @doohveeder, @JayBirdGriebler, and @marissaertel. You can also find TurtleDub on Twitter @turtle_dub, on Facebook, on Twitch @turtle_dub, and on YouTube. Thank you for listening and participating!

info_outline 12: We're back! Don't run over school children 09/14/2016
info_outline 11.5: Is Destiny still a good game? 03/09/2016
info_outline 11: A Future Run By Robots and Mind-Reading Phones 02/23/2016
info_outline 10.5: Introducing Point Five 02/09/2016
info_outline 10: We won the Powerball! (hypothetically) 01/26/2016
info_outline 9: Lesbians run the military and Martin Shkreli sucks 12/29/2015
info_outline 8: Fifty Nifty Facts with Alyssa 12/15/2015
info_outline 7: Igloos are important 12/01/2015
info_outline 6: Best of the TurtleDub Podcast 11/17/2015
info_outline 5: What makes people attractive? 11/02/2015
info_outline 4: Welcome to the future with special guest Maddie 10/27/2015
info_outline 3: How to get away with murder 10/13/2015
info_outline 2: What are our names? 09/28/2015
info_outline 1: The Hottest Topics 09/14/2015