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Underneath the Clothes

With each episode, my goal is to inspire and empower you take charge of your life and your business. Being an entrepreneur for over a decade has taught me a lot fun, but often hard lessons. I have gained a ton of knowledge in almost all realms of owning and operating a business and I know I can help you save money and grow your profit all while working less and taking control over your business, instead of it controlling you.

info_outline #11 - Failure with Shelly Gaddis 07/18/2019
info_outline #10- Failure with Amy Hoback 06/13/2019
info_outline #9 - "Failure" with Melissa Johnson 05/27/2019
info_outline #8 - How Committed ARE You? 05/17/2019
info_outline #7 - Feeling a little "off"?.. this may be why.. 04/02/2019
info_outline #6 - Why a Masterminds is Crucial for your Success 03/18/2019
info_outline #5 - Identify Giftedness & Talent 03/03/2019
info_outline #4 - 10 Tips to making it 10 Years in Business 02/18/2019
info_outline #3 - How to Eliminate Toxins (Habits + Relationships) 02/04/2019
info_outline #2 - Focus your time. Grow your business. 01/20/2019
info_outline #1 - The WHY Behind the Podcast 01/03/2019