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Unscripted Podcast

Things said on the show are in no way indicative of who we are...mostly...sorta...kinda. Download and listen Monday-Friday!

info_outline S3 Ep 309 Oh! The Places You Will Hoe! 07/16/2018
info_outline S3 Ep 308 Unscripted Banshee 05/14/2018
info_outline S3 Ep 307 Random Musings 04/12/2018
info_outline S3 Ep 306 Unbalanced ph and F**k S**t 04/02/2018
info_outline S3 Ep 305 It's Time! 03/23/2018
info_outline S3 Ep 304 Black American Princesses of Podcasts 03/16/2018
info_outline S3 Ep 303 Face Full of Mildred 03/02/2018
info_outline Ep 142 The Netflix & Chill Tax #ThrowbackThursday 03/01/2018
info_outline Season 3 Ep 302 Wakanda is a Thirst Trap 02/21/2018
info_outline S3 Ep 301 We have run out of fuchs to give 02/12/2018
info_outline S2 Ep 220 This Sh*t Is Crazy 08/17/2017
info_outline S2 Ep 219 Phuck Stress 08/08/2017
info_outline S2 Ep 218 Bad B-eye-tea-see-aitches & Beyond 07/12/2017
info_outline Preview Unscripted Podcast S2 Ep 218 07/12/2017
info_outline S2 Ep 217 Follow Us On LinkedIn 06/27/2017
info_outline Unscripted Confession: I Want To Live 06/23/2017
info_outline S2 Ep 216 We're Mad As Hell Too! 06/19/2017
info_outline S2 Ep 216 ...But Do You Bank Black? 06/08/2017
info_outline S2 Ep 215 The Male Birth Control Doesn't Taste Like Chocolate... Unfortunately 05/31/2017
info_outline Just Us Gals Ventin' Bonus Episode Part 2 05/01/2017
info_outline Just Us Gals Cacklin' Bonus Episode Part 1 05/01/2017
info_outline S2 Ep 214 Is This Really Happening? 04/24/2017
info_outline S2 Ep 213 So Much F--k S--t & the Week Ain't Even Over 04/13/2017
info_outline S2 Ep212 Bigots and Bad Business 04/05/2017
info_outline S2 Ep 211 Are You Offended? 03/28/2017
info_outline S2 Ep209 Hostess, We Have a Problem 03/06/2017
info_outline S2 Ep 208 Ice Cream,Diss Tracks, and F--k Boys...Oh my! 03/04/2017
info_outline #UntitledUnmastered S2 Ep 207 02/23/2017
info_outline Cate Blanchett Said What?? S2 Ep 206 02/15/2017
info_outline It's Almost ValentiMes Day #ForeverAlone S2 Ep 205 02/09/2017