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Martin J. Fischer Thrives Off Helping Entrepreneurs Build Successful and Thriving Businesses Both Online and Offline. He is the Founder, Creator and #1 Best Selling Author of Waiternomics- The Employee Trap Escape Plan & The Ultimate Guide To Escaping The Employee Trap. He has crossed the Bridge to Entrepreneurship and He Thoroughly Understands what it takes to Create Financial Independence. In Terms of: Putting Cash in Your Pocket Now, Become Top Dog In Your Industry Niche or Marketplace, Skyrocket Your Sales and Multiply Your Profits in Any Economy, Attract and Retain Your Ideal Customers, Create Extensive Competitive Advantage, Remove all Obstacles To Wealth and Go From Where You Are Right Now To Where You Want To Be In Record Time.

info_outline W 001: Introduction | The Story | What is Waiternomics 02/21/2014
info_outline W 025: Jim Palmer: Resource For No Hassle Newsletters, Radio Personality & Business Building Expert 12/30/2013
info_outline W 024: Jim Plouffe: The 8 Rules of Business 12/30/2013
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info_outline W 022: Diane Conklin: How To Outperform Your Competition 12/30/2013
info_outline W 021: Darcy Juarez: of Glazer Kennedy (GKIC) 12/30/2013
info_outline W 020: Emma Tiebens: Relational Marketer, Speaker, Author & Marketing Consultant 12/30/2013
info_outline W 019: Susan Berkley: Citibank & AT&T Voice, Howard Stern Cast Member & Radio Personality 12/30/2013
info_outline W 018: Brian Johnson: Mad Scientist Marketer Extraordinaire 12/30/2013
info_outline W 017: Bill Walsh: Business Expert, Venture Capitalist, Author & Radio Personality 12/30/2013
info_outline W 016: Joel Comm: Entrepreneur, Internet Pioneer, Author & Speaker 12/30/2013
info_outline W 015: Nick Unsworth: Social Media Pro 12/30/2013
info_outline W 014: Nick Nanton Celebrity Agent Expert 12/30/2013
info_outline W 013: Tom Beal: The Guru Behind Gurus 12/30/2013
info_outline W 012: Ryan Deiss: Founder/Managing Director Digital Marketer 12/30/2013
info_outline W 011: Cliff Ravenscraft: The Podcast Answer Man Interview 12/30/2013
info_outline W 010: Have You Ever Dreamed Of Publishing Your Own New York Times Best Selling Book? Steve Harrison Will Get You There. 11/24/2013
info_outline W 009: John Lee Dumas| Entrepreneur On Fire| LifeStyle Designer| Marketer 11/24/2013
info_outline W 008: Mari Smith Social Media Expert| Facebook| Best Selling Author| Consultant 11/24/2013
info_outline W 007: Gary Vaynerchuk| Social Media Renegade| New York Times Best-Selling Author 11/21/2013
info_outline W 006: ABC's Secret Millionaire James Malinchak Interview 10/02/2013
info_outline W 005: Larry Benet- The Most Connected Person On The Planet 09/25/2013
info_outline W 004: Janet Switzer-How Experts Build Empires 09/25/2013
info_outline W 003: Jack Canfield-Chicken Soup For The Soul Interview 09/25/2013
info_outline W 002: Brian Tracy-The 5 Common Myths of Goal Setting 09/25/2013