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What The Hills?!

What the Hills is the podcast for the Adelaide Hills. If it's happening in the Adelaide Hills you'll find it here. Subscribe to get each week's episode delivered straight to you. With a new guest each week, we're meeting authors, artists, volunteers, community groups, event organisers, musicians, and interesting people of all kinds. If it's happening in the Adelaide Hills you'll hear it right here. Find us on your social media feeds: Facebook @whatthehillspodcast Instagram what_the_hills Twitter @whatthehillspod

info_outline What's her story? Samantha McGrail 05/14/2022
info_outline Transcript - What About Something for Mum? 05/07/2022
info_outline What about something for Mums 05/07/2022
info_outline What do you love about Main Streets 05/05/2022
info_outline What's going on at St Andrew's? 05/04/2022
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info_outline What Happened to Charlie? (Transcript) 04/23/2022
info_outline What happened to Charlie? 04/23/2022
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info_outline What's Her Story? Allison Bluck 04/02/2022
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info_outline What's Sally Been Doing? Part Two 01/15/2022
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info_outline What about some Christmas Carols? 12/04/2021
info_outline What Does Jock Remember? 11/28/2021