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What We All Want

What We All Want (WWAW) is a Leeds United podcast founded during the clubs’ drive for promotion to the English Premier League. Recorded jointly in Leeds and Toronto, Canada, of all places. It’s co-hosted by Steve and Dave. Steve, a Leeds native stuck in Toronto, has never lost commitment to his club and has the emotional scars and ex-wives to testify. While Dave is in Leeds drinking as much Tetley Bitter as he can from his huge Leeds United mug while he outgrows his Leeds shirt. They come to the pod out of unconditional love of Leeds United, a fascination with unedited comedic jibe and a desire to make you laugh even when we play crap. Given the mix of backgrounds and their support of home brewed gin and Tetley Bitter, where the conversations will go is anyone's guess. You just need to know that What We All Want is Leeds kicking ass in the top-flight and some other unmentioned teams struggling.

info_outline Life is Like a Box of Chocolates 09/18/2020
info_outline Introducing Lo Que Todas Queremos Premier League 09/11/2020
info_outline #11 To Return or Not to Return? 05/17/2020
info_outline #10 Strict Closure Protocols 05/10/2020
info_outline #9 Bandaged Heads & Red Cards 05/04/2020
info_outline #8 Heaven & Hull 04/27/2020
info_outline #7 Roque and the Barn Door 04/22/2020
info_outline #6 That's Eastertainment 04/13/2020
info_outline #5 Never Mind the Pandemic 04/05/2020
info_outline #4 Getting Bielsa Fit 03/08/2020
info_outline #3 Recovery 03/01/2020
info_outline #2 Firing the Sponsors & Building the Brand 02/23/2020
info_outline #1 Introducing the What We All Want Podcast! 02/22/2020