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The Proctor Is In: High Stakes Testing and Virtual Proctoring

Association Chat Podcast

Release Date: 01/17/2018

Are we approaching a paradigm shift in the testing industry? Join host KiKi L'Italien for Association Chat as she interviews Dr. Greg Sadesky (@gsadesky) & ANSI Assessor Mickie Rops (@mickierops) about high-stakes testing and remote proctoring. 

"The Proctor Is In" explores a topic that might blow the lid off of what you think you know about professional testing.

Greg Sadesky is a psychometrician and the Chief Scientific Officer of Yardstick Testing and Training Experts. The company specializes in e-learning and high-stakes testing for professional associations.

Mickie S. Rops is a consultant who specializes in educating organizations on credentialing options and guiding them in the decision as to which credentialing program, if any, is the right fit for the challenges they face.  She also conducts audits of full programs or program components to make recommendations for improvement, and she researches and writes background papers to inform decision-making.