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Better Everyday with Sarah and Dr. Brooke

Better Everyday #38: A Day In The Life of Sarah & Dr Brooke and A Deep Dive Into Food Sensitivities & Allergies

Better Everyday with Sarah and Dr. Brooke
Released on Mar 8, 2017

Today we’re back answering your questions and we kicked it off with a great one from a listener who like us is a working mama asking: how do you two do it all? Well, as you can imagine we shared the not so pretty behind the scenes look at how we juggle it all, how we dial it up in some areas and down in others (only to flip flop that next week) and where we get it right with food, sleep and exercise and where we still struggle. 


Next we had big, meaty question about food allergies vs. sensitivities, the problem with elimination foods especially if you have a very reactive system and what to do when you’d rather just eat foods that bother your system because it just feels too dang hard to manage it all.  We spent over thirty minutes digging deep into this question because it touched on oh so much of what we know so many women struggle with.


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