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Better Everyday with Sarah and Dr. Brooke

Better Everyday #57 Barbells & Stem Cells: The Anti-Aging Benefits Of Strength Training with Dr Tyna Moore

Better Everyday with Sarah and Dr. Brooke
Released on Jul 31, 2017

You can tell by that title that we were pretty giddy about this topic right? Dr Tyna Moore, ND, DC joins us in this episode where we discuss the benefits of weight training from a totally different angle. We are big fans of the barbell as you know thanks to what it does for our capability, bone health, confidence and fat loss. We love that the weights have been proven to increase our longevity, improve insulin sensitivity and increase our ability to be stronger on this journey called life. But did you know also that weight training is anti-inflammatory? And anti-aging?


We got into the science behind why muscle is so darn amazing including its direct impact on myokines, a special cytokine released from muscles (think of cytokines as the hormones of the immune system) which help modulate our immune systems, lower inflammation and even improve brain health. Strength training also helps repair and regenerate mitochondria (the cell’s powerhouse) and dysfunctional, sad mitochondria are a hallmark of aging. It just keeps getting better, huh?


Muscle is the seat of insulin sensitivity which is a key to both disease prevention and fat loss; is a hotspot of hormonal health for thyroid, testosterone, cortisol and growth hormone and turns out it also keeps you young! Hear a whole bunch of new reasons to love the iron, don’t miss this show!  Learn more about chiropractic and naturopathic doc the amazing Tyna Moore right here.


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