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Better Everyday with Sarah and Dr. Brooke

Better Everyday #64: Kendall Kendrick of Born Primal Talks Self-Care

Better Everyday with Sarah and Dr. Brooke
Released on Sep 18, 2017

Welcome Kendall Kendrick! A staple of the ancestral health community, expert on stress management and recovering perfectionist, Kendall joined us today for a deep chat about self-care.  She shared her own personal journey from non-self-care and addition as well as all she’s learned from the leaders in the Paleo and Ancestral Health movement. Kendall has a new book called Born Primal: Conversations With The Ancestral Health Community and it’s available now!


Tune in to hear this rejuvenating talk!  Learn more about Kendall here and grab that book featuring our very own Sarah Fragoso!


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