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Better Everyday with Sarah and Dr. Brooke

BONUS PODCAST with Dr Brooke: Inflammation – The Great Hormone Mess Maker

Better Everyday with Sarah and Dr. Brooke
Released on Sep 21, 2017

Lucky you! Here is a bonus podcast that is an audio recording of a webinar I did about how inflammation messes up our hormones. Ladies, this is the biggest deal. Inflammation affects hormone effects at the genetic level so you can have enough hormone around but it doesn’t create the desired effect. Read: normal lab tests but you still feel like garbage. Let alone if you have low hormone levels (i.e. testosterone, estrogen, thyroid, etc.) plus inflammation. Yikes right?
I dive into how this all works in terms of the impact of inflammation on your hormones ranging from cortisol to thyroid to insulin, as well as estrogen and progesterone. Special attention is paid to inflammation for women with PCOS. We have it rough, real rough.  Not only do we have smoldering, low levels of inflammation as a baseline with PCOS but we get so easily locked into chronic inflammation. This is actually a root cause of PCOS and it won’t be solved by just eating less carbs.  Inflammation affects all other hormone imbalances in PCOS and it is also made worse by most PCOS related hormone issues like high androgens and insulin resistance. Many vicious cycles in this inflammatory mess.

BUT when you understand this unique interplay, you can take great strides to better balance your female hormones by addressing inflammation. If you feel you’ve tried everything this episode is for you. If you feel confused by PCOS this episode is for you. If you have female hormones and live in the Western World, this is for you!

If you’d like to watch the webinar replay with slides to accompany this audio, you can do that here.


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