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Age Gracefully, Consciously, and Help Your Loved Ones Do the Same - Conversation with Carrie Hensley [Episode 129]

The Sivana Podcast

Release Date: 08/01/2017

How can we age gracefully and consciously? How can we help our loved ones (parents and grandparents) do the same? In this episode, Carrie Hensley, Director of Yoga for YMEDICA, provides us with practical insights on how we can make yoga and meditation accessible to those 60 and older - even if they’ve never practiced yoga before. Learn how to best introduce yoga and meditation to older family members and friends. Discover the latest evidence-based approach to teaching an older population. Understand how yoga can give those 60 and over (and their caretakers) new opportunities for physical and spiritual growth. 

Carrie has been practicing and teaching yoga for the past 19 years. She has had training in Ayurveda, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Healthy Backs, Forrest Yoga, Anusara, Integrative Yoga for Seniors at Duke Integrative Medicine, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and Jyotish, Vedic Astrology. As the Director of Yoga for YMEDICA she has helped develop and teach evidence-based yoga programs and teacher trainings around the country.

Special Guest: Carrie Hensley



Creator & Host: Brett Larkin



Sound Engineer: Zach Cooper



Producer: Benn Mendelson