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Too Dumb for Games

2d4g 21: Too Dead for Games (Halloween Special 2k16)

Too Dumb for Games
Released on Nov 1, 2016

From the MPD evidence locker: "This is a recording of the kidnapping of Jaccob Hearn, Nick Knaebel, Paul Saxon, and Travis Abshear, in the games dungeon of Henry Perkins. Mr. Perkins, a friend and one time guest of the podcast, Too Dumb for Games, is believed to have abducted and poisoned the hosts, recording them as he forced them to play childhood board games in a twisted episode of tabletop judgement."

Happy Halloween everyone! Here is a recording we managed to salvage from our horrible Halloween in the clutches of a psychopath with a board game dungeon. Enjoy! 

Thanks to sindhu.tms, club sound, and digifishmusic for making their hospital ambience, mic feedback, and radio static sound effects available under the Creative Commons License at :]