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Darwin or Design

Darwin or Design is a collection of interviews with 25 people on both sides of the intelligent design question. There are interviews on what evolutionary theory currently thinks, what is intelligent design, the philosophy of science, ID and The Law a...

Critical Issues in Eyecare: An MD/OD Conversation

In the same spirit that Marco has invested nearly a half century, striving to advance the EyeCare profession with intelligent and relevant diagnostic solutions and automated process efficiencies, Marco is now privileged to be launching a series of P...

Diabetes Core Update

Diabetes Core Update is a monthly podcast that presents and discusses the latest clinically relevant articles from the American Diabetes Association’s four science and medical journals – Diabetes, Diabetes Care, Clinical Diabetes, and Diabetes Sp...

5 Minute Astronomy

Learn about the Universe in five minutes or less with Radio Astronomy! Short weekly podcasts based off of the 89.9FM WORT radio show in Madison, Wi USA


Listen as we interview scientists on the cutting edge of research into ecology, evolution, and paleontology.

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