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Interview with RJ Tolsen by Kate Luella on being a young entreprenuer

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Release Date: 07/03/2013

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LINK FOR TRANSCRIPTION OF THIS INTERVIEW: http://productcreatorshub.com/blogger-interview-podcast-transcript-with-rj-tolsen-by-kate-luella-on-being-a-young-entreprenuer/

Video Menu:

02:06 RJ talked about his writing and his books series.

04:59 He also shared about his music and how he started writing songs.

06:34 He then talks about college and what course he is majoring.

08:12 Rj talks about what he aspire to be down the road.

08:43 He then talks about his company and his charities and how they were founded.

12:38 His goal for his company and his future plans.

13:53 RJ shared an in-depth into his charities and its operation.

Kate :)