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Mr. Jordy Delage is a French Aikido practitioner who lives in Japan. Mr. Delage is also the founder of Seido Shop, a Japanese company that provides Aikido equipment.

The only difference between sports and martial arts in human evolution, is that, in martial arts you're going to teach that (commitment). In sports, at some level people just realize it (commitment)...

Mr. Jordy Delage - Episode 240

There is something magnificent about Japan even more than its food and martial arts. Mr. Jordy Delage has definitely found out that Japan’s culture and people have been influential in his decision to move to this foreign country. Mr. Delage founded Seido Shop, a company that manufactures Aikido equipment locally. Having endured hardships as a child, Mr. Jordy Delage’s martial arts story is interesting and inspiring as well. How many times do we hear people say that they became involved with martial arts because of a romantic interest? Listen to find out more.