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Managing Auto-Immune Disorders through Neuro-Metabolic Integration - FAM #061

Food As Medicine with Dr. Anh

Release Date: 01/11/2016

Welcome! My guest today is Dr. Peter Kan, an experienced physician specializing in thyroid issues. He is a board-certified chiropractic neurologist who is certified in functional medicine. He has extensive training in the management of autoimmune disorders and has formulated a unique approach called “neuro-metabolic integration.” Dr. Kan was born in Taiwan and came to the US at the age of 13. He appreciates both Eastern and Western medicine and believes in the body’s God-given ability to heal and regulate itself. People come from all across the country to visit his practice in Gilbert, Arizona. 

My conversation with Dr. Kan covers the following:

  • He learned about the body’s holistic ability to heal itself when helping his father treat liver cancer with dietary changes and supplements.
  • His practice is 90% complex Hashimoto’s cases and other thyroid symptoms of brain fog, depression, memory loss, and balance issues. “This is not my work; I am chosen to do this.”
  • Dr. Kan explains “brain fog” as the feeling of having a cloud over you and not being able to focus on and complete tasks.
  • Brain fog is essentially the inability of the brain to utilize energy and activate brain cells.
  • The brain cells require fuel and activation for proper function.
  • The brain needs oxygen and glucose for fuel. Dr. Kan explains how to assess and improve your circulation, gut issues, and blood sugar!
  • Glucose and brain function are so closely tied together that Alzheimer’s and dementia are now referred to as Type 3 diabetes!
  • You can assess your symptoms to find out if you are hypoglycemic or insulin-resistant. Dr. Kan explains.
  • Activation of the brain cells has to do with each lobe (region) of the brain and its specific function. Dr. Kan’s brain-based therapy is designed to treat the specific brain area.
  • Healthy thyroid function requires healthy brain function.” Brain function can be the missing piece of a patient’s thyroid issue care.
  • Dr. Kan discusses ketogenic diets, which use fats as the main source of fuel for the brain. He concludes that they are not right for everyone but require individual assessment.
  • Dr. Kan gives the benefits of HIT (high intensity training), which is not about building muscle, but about the cascade of hormones that occurs.
  • Dr. Kan explains the relationship between gut health, thyroid function, and balance issues.
  • Dr. Kan’s neuro-metabolic integration incorporates all aspects in his treatment approach.
  • Dr. Kan explains some of the various tests he performs on clients to diagnose their problems. “You can’t focus on one issue at the exclusion of the other body systems, but find the issue that’s the most important, basic, and obvious.”
  • Toxicity is another variable in health and wellness that cannot be ignored. The brain, nutrition, and toxicity are all related!

How to reach Dr. Kan and more:

www.askdrkan.com  (Find the link to Dr. Kan’s e-course for self-assessment of your issues!)

Hope Integrative Wellness (Find him on Facebook!)

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