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Healthy Living for Baby Boomers with Debra Atkinson

Food As Medicine with Dr. Anh

Release Date: 02/15/2016

Welcome! Today’s guest is “America’s Boomer Babe” and a fellow Iowan. Debra Atkinson is passionate about helping boomers live healthy lives in their second 50 years. She speaks frequently about active aging and has completed several Ironman Triathlon events. She has created a Forever Fit and Fab After 50 Checklist. Let’s hear more from Debra!

Debra shares the following about active aging:

  • Debra grew up with NO ambition to be an advocate for health and fitness, but found a passion for instruction.
  • Debra always felt “older” than she was, and understands issues that boomers face.
  • Her mission is to smooth the transition to make big differences in lifestyle choices.
  • There is some “unlearning” that some people need to do around the following:
    • “Fat makes you fat.” It turns out that healthy fats are good for us.
    • “A healthy diet doesn’t need supplements.” Most of us eat diets that are insufficient in certain vitamins and minerals.
  • There are baby steps we can all take to try new things, like adding to our diets nuts, avocados, coconut oil, fatty fish, eggs, and full-fat Greek yogurt.
  • For people who “don’t like fish,” there are new ways to prepare it, and we all should consider fish oil supplements for omega-3’s.
  • Debra recommends several supplement, like a high-quality multivitamin, magnesium, iron, melatonin, and DIM.
  • In your 30’s: Muscle and bone mass start to decrease; we need supplements, adequate protein, and weight-lifting exercises.
  • In your 40’s: More changes come and fatigue increases. Bad habits catch up! Focus on exercises that target major muscle groups.
  • In your 50’s/60’s: Do more strength training and less cardio. Mix up long walks and HIT workouts for maximum benefit.
  • Debra recommends 25-30 g of protein at each meal throughout the day, with a 4 oz. portion size at each meal.
  • Ironically, active people need less protein and sedentary people need more!
  • Debra discusses “crowding vs. compensating.” Concentrate on getting the proper nutrition, and you will “crowd out” the desire for what is unhealthy.
  • Debra has tips for incorporating activity into a busy life. It’s all about prioritizing and aiming for small snatches of activity throughout the day. 
  • Vigorous exercise should be done early in the day, and more calming activities later in the day. This matches with the body’s hormones.

How to reach Debra and more:


www.voiceforfitness.com/foreverfitandfab  Check out her Forever Fit and Fab After 50 Checklist!

You Still Got It, Girl by Debra Atkinson

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