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Välkommen till Museimagasinet, Kalmar läns museums podcast om kulturarvet i din vardag! Här avhandlar vi högt och lågt och stort och smått med koppling till den lokala historien - från Lönneberga till Långe Jan, länsbor och annat löst folk. Mycket nöje! Ansvarig utgivare: Örjan Molander, Museichef Stötta vår podcast Museimagasinet!  Gillar du vår podcast?  Bra! Vi vore oändligt tacksamma om ni kan stötta oss via ett bidrag via Swisch när du har lyssnat färdigt. Även en liten slant kan göra stor skillnad, många bäckar små så att säga.  Och har du inte möjlighet att hjälpa oss nu, så kanske sen! Men lyssna på vår podcast oavsett. 😊  Till detta nummer kan Swischa: 123 235 85 21. Märk gärna din inbetalning med vilket avsnitt du har lyssnat på! 

The EMJ Podcast: Insights For Healthcare Professionals

The EMJ Podcast is an educational podcast for healthcare professionals that covers the forefront of clinical practice, offering insights into the cutting edge of medicine. Through conversations with key opinion leaders, our host, physician and entrepreneur Jonathan Sackier, explores the latest trends and innovations, covering a number of clinical specialties, including oncology, dermatology, urology, cardiology, and many more.

Hot Coffee: A KBG Injury Lawcast

Hot Coffee, a KBG Injury Lawcast, answers your questions about personal injury and workers’ compensation law, and discusses legal topics trending in Pennsylvania and throughout the U.S.

The Development Download Podcast

The Development Download provides fundraising and development professionals with the information and tools they need to be successful at advancing their organization’s missions. Episodes will include topics on raising money, communicating with donors, and implementing best practices in fundraising. You can also expect interviews with philanthropists on what motivates them to give and conversations with well known fundraising professionals as they share general career advice. This podcast is brought to you by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Greater Houston Chapter.

Seed To Cup

Inspired by interview podcasts, late-night TV, and radio, Seed To Cup is our chance to learn the origin stories of the companies, founders, and major coffee culture movers that help shape the industry. Each show features a deep dive interview with a different fascinating figure from the world of coffee and lets us learn their life story, early experiences with coffee, and big business decisions along the way that have helped them achieve success in the world of coffee. Aided by an in-depth interview research process, this show is a canvas for original storytelling. The companies and individuals in coffee you love all have a deeper story behind the scenes—that’s what we’ll be bringing you in this new show.

Tribe Talks

Tribe Talks is a community podcast by, for and with the International Business undergraduate program at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

"0TECH 411

Tech 411 description.

School of Ritual

Are you a woman craving a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you? Are you ready to express your voice confidently and feel pleasure in all that you do? Are you ready to share your truest self with the world and have an impact on others along the way? Here on the pod we express ourselves freely and talk about life through the female lens. We dive into yummy themes like; Womb Wellness, Spiritual Energetics & Embodiment, Feminine New Paradigm Leadership, and Soul-Sourced Entrepreneurship. This online sisterhood is a place where it's encouraged to embody your wholeness, completely. Tune in on the 1st & the 15th of the month to learn from women just like you, choosing to play by their own rules; guides, teachers, healers, speakers, and other new paradigm leaders excited to share their knowledge and wisdom with you!

Emprende tu Tesis

Si eres un estudiante doctoral o un profesor universitario, este programa es para ti. En él, conocerás las claves, herramientas y estrategias idóneas para emprender tu proyecto académico, profesional o de vida. Tesis, es un concepto que se refiere a la disertación escrita que ha de presentar un doctorando como requisito de grado. Sin embargo, tesis también es un concepto adjudicado a una premisa o aseveración fundamentada, en la cual se sostiene una idea. Así que en este podcast estaremos brindándote herramientas, información y orientación para catapultarte al éxito en cualquiera de las áreas de tu vida que necesite un impulso motivador.


Serving southeastern Virginia by coordinating the Emergency Medical Services for the region, Tidewater EMS Council plays an important role in ensuring that the highest levels of care, training and support are provided. Building and sustaining relationships with other healthcare partners and agencies in the area and around the state is integral to the contributions TEMS makes to the EMS system. Through interviews and conversations with healthcare community leaders and frontline personnel, this podcast will highlight TEMS’ role in planning, monitoring and supporting Emergency Medical Services in the 10 jurisdictions of the region. Informative and insightful, this podcast is for those in the EMS field, the healthcare community and members of the general public who have an interest in emergency medical services.

Lockdown Learning

As COVID-19 swept the globe from east to west this year, so has home education. Millions of children woke up one morning to find their schools closed and their new teachers are their parents. Learning at home can be a wonderfully liberating and connecting experience for families that choose it but it can also be daunting and exhausting even at the best of times. And let’s face it – this is not the best of times. No one planned for this. And whereas Home Education is usually done more out of the home than in it as families meeting up with others to socialize, play and learn together all that’s off the table right now. East Kent Sudbury School (www.ekss.co.uk) grew from a group of home educators and as passionate advocates for alternative education we’ve teamed up with our friends at Alpine Valley School (www.alpinevalleyschool.com) in Denver, Colorado to bring you a special podcast season to help you not just survive learning in lockdown but get the most out of this out of school experience.

LungFIT: Pulmonary Rehab Podcast

Pulmonary Rehab Podcast is about helping clinicians start and sustain a pulmonary rehabilitation program. Discover new resources to help improve your program, including journal clubs to understand the latest research, interviews with pulmonary rehab experts, professional development sessions to improve your clinical skills, and highlights of latest guidelines, conferences, and other resources for this exciting area of practice. Join host Dr. Pat Camp, who is an Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia and clinician researcher, physiotherapist, and educator in all things pulmonary rehab.