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The Big Shed Podcast

Voices. Stories. Sounds ... a DIY kinda place, Big Shed as been pumping surprising audio documentary work into the podosphere since 2005.

Enlightened Culture Podcast

Life is hard. Sometimes we make it even harder. We are here to learn, grow, and develop. Sometimes you have a goal so far out of reach that it seems impossible. Other times people tell you to be realistic. Trust God to guide you in the right direction but make sure you put in the heavy work. Who are we? As kids we are naive to the world. We just care about cartoons and recess but as we start growing older we see the harsh realities of life. Life is full of pain but without it we wouldn’t appreciate the joy. We tell ourselves how we are going to be the next great thing but when you look around you see how the system just breaks down many around us. Find those who appreciate you and keep working hard. Why this Podcast Exist? Enlightened Culture Podcast is a place of open conversation. In order to understand the world you must first understand yourself. Pain and Art is what make life but we first must understand our traumas to appreciate the beauty of life.

Catalyst: A Creative Industries Podcast

From Chapman University in Orange County California, Catalyst gives listeners a chance to learn about the Creative Industries through conversations with individuals from a wide array of backgrounds who are working in CI all over the globe. Hear how CI is influencing the public and private sector alike, and how local influences shape a region’s creative landscape.

FullFrontalNerdityShow's podcast

Harry, Ron & Hermione. Leslie, Ron & Tom. Or just plain old Ken, Arthur & Chantal. We are the voices behind the Full Frontal Nerdity podcast, a free-form conversation show covering the nerdy things we all know and love. Everything from TV & movies, video games & board games to sports & unpopular opinions. Whatever you're passionate about. Whatever you nerd out about. So give us a listen, join the conversation and you may even learn something new.

AARP Washington State Podcast

Health, wealth and self....Interviews and insights with leaders in the field of living better at any stage of life, but especially after age 50. AARP's mission is to empower you to choose how you live as you age. We talk optimal living, embracing change, and protecting your finances.

Bad On Paper

Join Becca Freeman and Olivia Muenter every Wednesday for a dose of books and banter, along with interviews with women who inspire us.

MoreThanCultr: The PodCast

Anything in "The Culture" is open for discussion. We are MoreThanCULTR. Hosted by Reemo Rod, Tyler Chronicles, Ronnie Jordan and Kamal The Secret Genius.

Brunch With

Jeremy Jacobowitz sits down with the people that inspire him, whether that's with celebrities, influencers, and more, to talk about the important subjects that are on his mind. You get a taste, of what it's like to Brunch With Jeremy

Whip and Jewels

Whip and Jewels is where women who hustle and inspire with purpose drop jewels. We share the stories of many dynamic black women across the nation. Founded in 2018, Whip and Jewels launched Whip and Jewels Podcast, and Whip and Jewels TV, created exclusively for African-American women. Whip and Jewels gives precedence to the black women’s narrative, providing a platform to share their stories transparently, and place to celebrate black women’s ceiling shattering accomplishments. We curate content that focuses on black culture, career, business, and self-development. We’ve created a dynamic community with our viewers and listeners, where they are empowered with real actionable tools, compelling motivation, and tangible resources, so they can begin to reclaim their place in society, pioneering their desired industries, keeping together their families and communities. Whip and Jewels compelling connection with black women, makes it possible to push black women to the forefront, creating a culture shift and transformative change in the world. Follow us on social @whipandjewels. For guest pitches, questions, or feedback email ([email protected]).

Shoot The Shiitake with Father Leo

Catholic priest, TV & Radio Host, Best Selling Author, Former Martial Arts Instructor, award winning Break Dancer & Choreographer, and also professional chef (who won Food Network competition, "Throw Down with Bobby Flay" Season 7 Episode 1), talks with unique and interesting guests from all walks of life - drawing out connections to help bridge social divides. You may not expect what two completely different peoplehave in common, but this show will bring people to a better understanding of how we're all connected. We may not always agree, but we still have to learn how to live with each other, and have some fun in the process, even if it's just a casual opportunity to "Shoot the Shiitake!"


en(gender)ed features stories that explore the systems, practices, and policies that enable gender-based violence and oppression and the solutions to end it. We teach feminism and decolonize hearts and minds, one story at a time.

COACHINGBANDE - DER systemische Coaching-Podcast

Astrid Kellenbenz und Susanne Henkel, zwei systemische Coachingausbilderinnen und Gründerinnen der Coachingbande, bringen Coaching auf den Punkt. Sie teilen all ihr Wissen und ihre Erfahrungen: von der Idee Coach zu werden und die richtige Ausbildung zu finden, über Vorstellung wirksamer Coaching-Methoden, die Geheimnisse erfolgreicher Coachings, die Stolpersteine in der eigenen Coachingpraxis, bis hin zur fundierten Auseinandersetzung mit Coaching-Kritik. Der Coachingbande Podcast ist die Begleitung für Coaches und diejenigen, die auf dem Weg sind, Coach zu werden. Die COACHINGBANDE ist eine systemische Online-Coaching Akademie. Wir bilden systemische Coaches aus und möchten allen Berufsgruppen, die im psychosozialen Umfeld, in der Therapie, der Beratung, dem Coaching oder dem Training arbeiten hier Fortbildungsmöglichkeiten anbieten. Bei uns gibt es Methoden, Tools, Hacks, Supervision, kollegiale Beratung und noch ganz viel mehr, das Du brauchst, um Dich jederzeit unkompliziert fort- und weiterzubilden. In unserem Podcast bieten wir Dir die Zeit und den Rahmen, um Dich – begleitet von uns Lehrcoaches und Therapeuten – auf Deine persönliche Arbeit vorzubereiten, Themen zu reflektieren oder Dich weiterzubilden. Du findest uns unter: www.coachingbande.de