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Delicious TV VegEZ (video)

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Go To War

Are you TRULY the best version of who you could be?? The answer is either “yes” or “no.” Most people (if they were to tell themselves the REAL truth) would say no. Jon Paramore is a man who is teaching the art and mindset of what it TRULY means to “GO TO WAR” with yourself in order to become the VERY best version of who you truly are. Not just in your health and fitness, but in your relationships, your spirituality, and most of all, with yourself. This “GTW” mindset is exactly what Jon used to build all of his companies and is what his clients are currently using to build their empires as well. The GTW Podcast covers everything impacting entrepreneurs in today’s world and what it takes to avoid falling into the common pitfalls of complacency. Jon also talks about LIFE and what it takes to live in a way that most people avoid through sedation and avoidance. Learn what it takes to LIVE the GO TO WAR lifestyle and become the person you know you are, deep down inside.

The Dental Student Podcast

What's up Everybody! It's the Dental Student Podcast! Tune in to join Onni Franco as he takes you behind the scenes of real dental school/residency experiences, gives out true and tried advice, and exposes you to dental students' unfiltered takes on life. DSP was the first podcast put on by dental students. The goal of the podcast to be a source of information for pre-dental students, dental students, residents, and even newly graduated dentists who may not have otherwise been exposed to varying perspectives and topics that are at the forefront of millennial dentists. Dentist Podcast. Dentistry Podcast. Dental Student.

Fit Living Podcast

Lyt til podcasts produceret af sundhedsmagasinet Fit Living. Her finder du episoder om alt fra sund livsstil, træning til slankekure, samt interviews.

Not Carol

When Carol Coronado killed her three young daughters on May 20, 2014, no one could believe it. Everyone who knew Carol swore she was a model mom - loving, attentive and engaged. Sophia (2 1/2), Yazmine (1 1/2) and Xenia (6 weeks) were Carol’s pride & joy, her greatest treasures. So when her husband Rudy and her mom Julie found her hovering above the dead bodies of her three little girls, their horror collided with a realization that the person in front of them with the knife in her hand was not the person they knew. She was not Carol. Like hundreds of other mothers who kill their children or themselves each year, Carol Coronado was suffering from postpartum psychosis at the time of her crime. Yet no one was able to spot it, so no one was able to stop it. NOT CAROL takes a deep dive into the taboo world of maternal mental health, blowing the lid off of a national epidemic that is ravaging families at a shocking rate. Over 800,000 new mothers suffer from postpartum depression every year. And out of every thousand births, one to two moms will suffer a psychotic break. Of those, 4% will kill their child, and 5% will kill themselves. NOT CAROL looks at this unreported epidemic through the prism of the Carol Coronado murder case.

Unleashed Veterinary Podcast

Unleashed Veterinary Podcast is hosted by Dr. Bruce W. Francke, DVM, a veterinarian and practice owner at Bay Animal Hospital in beautiful Bay City, Michigan. The awesome power of vet medicine will be unleashed with conversation, compassion and common sense. This podcast will empower pet owners to take the very best care of their four-footed family members.

The Madiha MD's Show podcast

Introducing My Fun Holistic Approach to You and Your Family’s Wellness My mission is to teach you simple and cost effective holistic lifestyle changes while at the same time delivering lots of smiles and laughter. These simple changes can help you and your family not only prevent disease but also heal disease by targeting and treating the root cause.​

Self Care Passport

Janae Fletcher through solocasts and interviews deliveries up practical and magical ideas for your personal and professional life. Learn how to create a self care lifestyle that you love by saying YES and sometimes NO with equal amounts of enthusiasm. She dives into a variety of topics centered around Simplicity, Abundance and Embodied Living.

Farm Food Health

A tree change from retirement to becoming a certified organic berry farmers, Nina and her husband Andrew have done just that. Small acreage, no water, no infrastructure, no equipment, nothing, nada, zip, and in a remote location Will it work? The things we've discovered, the people we've met, the mistakes we've made and some surprising facts about farming, food and health. It's a story of true committement or just a bit of crazy.

Everyday Heroes with Laraine Salazar

Laraine Salazar brings listeners into the lives of everyday people making a positive difference and impact in the world based on the work they do, the lives they lead, and the impressions they make. Laraine shines a light into the lives of those who don't ordinarily get the spotlight, and discovers why these people are in fact Everyday Heroes. Here is their story. Laraine Salazar is an award-winning writer and actress who holds a Bachelor's degree in Journalism. Everyday Heroes is a project inspired by all those who inspire her.

Purpose Lounge

Welcome to Purpose Lounge where purpose seekers from all over the world tune in to hear from entrepreneurs and thought leaders, sharing their stories of living a life of meaning and fulfillment! I'm your host, Carrie Morris, and I'm a purpose seeker just like you! This podcast is your destination for discovering a life of integrative health and wellness, nutrition for the body, mind, and soul. If you're looking to join a community of like-minded individuals in search of connection, positivity, and inspiration, then you've come to the right place! Tune in to powerful stories of individuals finding purpose, definitions of what purpose means to them, and ways that they not only started their journey but also what happens when one falls off the path and then later reclaims their life's purpose. So, sit back or lean in, to Purpose Lounge!

Move Look & Listen Podcast with Dr. Douglas Stephey

Douglas W. Stephey, O.D., M.S. is a full-service eye and vision care provider in Southern California and is a sought-after conference speaker, educator, and passionate advocate for patients diagnosed with ADHD, parents with a child that lands on the Autistic spectrum, and students in special education. This podcast will educate you about common eye problems, how nutrition plays is a key role in your vision health, what exactly is 20/20 vision and why seeing 20/20 is not enough to move, look, and listen through your life with ease.