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Odd Jobs - A Comic Novel

Odd Jobs is a comic caper love story about Mountie women and layabout men, house and family, script-writers and cat-burglars. A modern tale of movie magic in the wrong hands: the Big Lebowski meets Elmore Leonard's niece.

West x Midwest

A couple pieces of shit on the internet.

Useless Dialogue

We talk about the things we love. Movies, comics, ladies, videogames, and anything else we feel like. Hailing from the home of Comic-Con itself, San Diego.

10 Questions We Always Ask

The greatest conversation you never thought about listening to. A show where we ask ordinary people 10 or so questions, some of which are almost always asked of most of our guests. A podcast with Joel Paque and Rebecca Goodstein.

MC Hawking's Podcore Nerdcast

The artist behind MC Hawking and his long-time collaborators engage in a dialogue including regular features, interviews with other nerdcore artists, and occasional new MC Hawking music. Featuring Ken Lawrence, with Cassie and Len Pal.

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