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Just Say Fuck

2020 was a series of dumpster fires that left us divided & starving for truth. JSF is an effort to bring back healthy dialogue between high-agency humans. Cancel culture & change cannot coexist. Doing the work is hard. Being human is hard. It's also pretty dope to be alive, especially when you level up your health, sovereignty & agency. We can no longer trust our mainstream experts & we believe in the conscious beings on the fringe, bucking the herd & saying hard things. JSW talks all things frontier & taboo, from biohacking to psychedelics to conspiracy theories. We take cancel culture head on & grant humans permission to be human, with humor, vulnerability & profanity.

Fashion Crimes Podcast

We're the best fashion friends you never knew you needed! We sit down to chat about finding your personal style, often with influential industry figures and business owners - bringing you all of our sage advice and expertise. Making fun of ourselves, we report on the latest fashion trends - and fashion crimes, so you can learn from the best and make sure you don't land on the worst dressed list. Personal stylist Holly Katz and Celebrity stylist Nolan Meader are the fashion investigators... stopping the crimes of the innocent (and not so innocent) victims of terrible style choices. It's things we can't unsee. Fashion crimes committed by the people who have no clue they are stabbing us in the heart. Holly and Nolan, AKA the Hot Mess Express, roll in to brighten your day and report on today's crimes of fashion. Check us out on www.fashioncrimespodcast.com!

ADA at 30: Accessibility in Pittsburgh

"Let the shameful wall of exclusion come tumbling down.” As the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 was signed, President George H.W. Bush spoke those words. If you live long enough, you’ll develop a disability—if you don’t already have one. The 30-year-old act promises that despite that, you’ll easily cross streets, hold a job and live as independently as possible. How’s that working for us? This five-part podcast brings Pittsburgh-area people with disabilities finding their place in towns, stores and faith communities. The program is produced by PublicSource in collaboration with Unabridged Press and supported by The FISA Foundation. The Center for Media Innovation at Point Park University provided technical assistance.

Quetzal Talk

Interesting conversations with interesting people.

The Leading Edge of Infrastructure

A podcast by S&P Global Ratings sharing our insights on the global infrastructure markets we cover. Your hosts are Trevor d’Olier-Lees, Sector Lead for Renewables and P3’s and Mike Grande Senior Director and Sector Lead for Midstream Energy and Refining.

What The Hills?!

What the Hills is the podcast for the Adelaide Hills. If it's happening in the Adelaide Hills you'll find it here. Subscribe to get each week's episode delivered straight to you. With a new guest each week, we're meeting authors, artists, volunteers, community groups, event organisers, musicians, and interesting people of all kinds. If it's happening in the Adelaide Hills you'll hear it right here. Find us on your social media feeds: Facebook @whatthehillspodcast Instagram what_the_hills Twitter @whatthehillspod

Journalistförbundets frilanspodd

Journalistförbundets frilanspodd är en podd om, av och med frilansjournalister. Hur ser arbetssituationen ut för frilansar under coronakrisen? Vad har förändrats och på vilket sätt? Har man arbete nu eller lever man av annat? För den som själv jobbar som frilans finns här en hög igenkänningsfaktor – de medverkande delar med sig av sin vardag, av motgångar och av tips och råd. De lyfter också fram de tänkbara möjligheterna som en global kris skapar. Hur skulle morgondagen kunna se ut för frilansjournalisterna? Journalistförbundets frilanspodd produceras av Ronnit Hasson, Noa Söderberg och Artur Nordfors Kowalski. Alla tre är frilansjournalister och engagerade i Mälardalens Frilansklubb i Journalistförbundet. Ansvarig utgivare är Petteri Flanagan Karttunen, kommunikationschef på Journalistförbundet. Är du frilansjournalist och vill medverka? Mejla [email protected] för mer information. Programledare: Noa Söderberg och Artur Nordfors Kowalski. Producent: Ronnit Hasson. Musik: Noa Söderberg. Ansvarig utgivare: Petteri Flanagan Karttunen.

The Martyrmade Podcast

Mythology & Religion in the Human Story

The LGBTQ Asylum Podcast

It’s illegal to be gay in 80 countries. Millions around the world live in silence, shame, and fear of the most cruel consequences simply because of who they love or how they express their gender. Queer asylum seekers face the unimaginable as they traverse legal hurdles, financial drain, housing instability, mental health issues, and more. Only a small fraction make it through to seek political asylum. The LGBTQ Asylum podcast sheds light on America’s daunting, invasive asylum process and tells the stories of those who have braved it in search of safety. This podcast is hosted by Sayid Abdull, a queer Uighur refugee who was granted political asylum in 2018. Sayid speaks authentically and truthfully to the US asylum process, and he and his guests engage listeners in gripping, critical stories that bring urgency to a crisis affecting millions.

Take Notes

S&P Global Ratings’ structured finance podcast and the credit events of your day. Tune in as your hosts Jim Manzi and Tom Schopflocher explore hot topics across the structured finance and global markets.

Time Rewind Reporter's Journal

With more than 50 years of reporting experience between them, veteran broadcast journalists David Mendel and Mike Xirinachs reveal the stories behind the stories. They have shared what was involved in covering major breaking news, including the downing of TWA Flight 800, the first Persian Gulf War, the 9/11 World Trade Center attack, a Ku Klux Klan rally, a city hall hostage standoff and other headline-making events. But they also cut through the clutter to help make sense of today’s news, ranging from the coronavirus pandemic and U.S. Capitol insurrection to a nation grappling with police brutality, racism, voting rights and other hot-button issues. Along the way, David and Mike welcome special guests that are making a difference in the world in their own unique ways. And don't miss the one-minute daily "Time Rewind" history/pop culture feature! Find out what happened on this day. Learn more at www.time-rewind.com.

Desconocidos Podcast

Gente que tú no conoces, hablando de temas que tal vez conozcas.