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G5 Church

Welcome to the weekly Podcast led by Pastor Tim & Gaye Goad. To learn more visit our website at https://g5church.com or download our app G5 Church App. To support this ministry and help us continue to reach people all around the world click here: https://pushpay.com/g/g5church

All Things Fire

Talking with Artists, Entertainers, Crafters and Pyro-technicians. Hear stories from fire dancers, blacksmiths, fire fighters, and fire artists from around the world. Flowarts fire spinners and pyros

archangels feast

Welcome to the feast! For each podcast, we pick a theme related to religion/ politics/ life in general, start with some observations, and let the conversation flow.

Mom's Still Standing Podcast

This show was created for a safe place for moms to connect. We find ourselves daily working hard to check all the boxes by parenting 'perfectly' and exceeding expectations in our careers and relationships. However, most times we don't take the time to focus on ourselves. This podcast is all about creating a space for mothers to share their journey and inspire other moms to seek each other in community and GOD while understanding we do not have to mom alone. We are powerful, resilient, beautiful humans, WE are Mom's Still Standing.

The Love.

I've traveled all over the United States and the more of our country I see the more I fall in love with our city. This is a podcast of our wonderful city through the eyes of a former chef and entrepreneur. No subject will be off the table, sex, religion, politics, food. Ill be bringing the interviews that make this town the best in class! Go Birds!

Fragile Gnome Podcast

Fragile Gnome is a show that discusses everything that Is taboo that we all think about with our close friends and family but aren’t comfortable with sharing with the rest of the world. You know, those good conversations that you can have when everyone is open-minded and comfortable? Those are the things we discuss, such as; life experiences on everything paranormal, spiritual, religious and the occult, cultural taboos, mysteries and the unexplained. We also have paranormal stories bi-monthly and sometimes weekly. We will have interviews with people that share their professional experiences and opinions on the above topics. We hope you enjoy the show and please like and subscribe and join us for the conversations and stories!

Bible Connection

The Bible, in its pages are the words of Moses, Isaiah, Paul, and others, long ago saints who took part in the story God was writing in their day and is still writing in ours. But, the Bible is more than the words of departed saints. It is the Word of God. Through the Bible the creator of the universe speaks to us. The Bible is powerful. How could it not be? Bible connection is a podcast where we talk about the Bible and how it connects to every facet of life imaginable.

Learning from the Curve

Learning from the Curve - because life doesn’t care who’s at the plate, it will always throw the curve. The good news is you don’t have to strike out. In fact, this could be the most beautiful home run in the history of the game. The Learning from the Curve Podcast was started for the following reasons: 1. To honor my daughter Paige who changed my life in every way possible. She opened my eyes to the pain and suffering around me. She taught me to look into people’s eyes, smile and genuinely ask how they’re doing. She showed me that we should handle everyone with genuine love and care. 2. To remind myself and others that we are not alone in dealing with difficult life circumstances. 3. To inspire friendships and foster healing through the sharing of our personal curveballs.

Matt's Slick's TOP 6

Matt Slick is President and Founder of the Christian Apologetic and Research Ministry. He has a syndicated radio show. Matt gets calls. He gives them answers. Here's the week's TOP 6!