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Day to Day with Matt Struck Podcast

Matt Struck is a comedy writer and filmmaker who is curious about meaning. Meaning can come from people, art, talking, and listening. Join Matt as he sits down with people to discuss the meaning of what they do and why.

FEEL GOOD The Podcast Hosted by Malika Lee

Let's be real. Being an adult isn't always as easy as we thought it would be! Often, we experience things that are challenging, complicated and even though we're not equipped for it we sometimes pretend or think we should have ALL the answers. However, many experiences are shared by others and don't have to be trial by fire! FEEL GOOD The Podcast created and hosted by @MsMalikaLee is a lively, thoughtful, and engaging multi-platform offering (podcast & some videos) aimed to support listeners in feeling good or at least feeing better. Each show features people who have navigated hard stuff with resilience and buoyancy of Spirit (exp. death of a loved one, facing fears, dating, changing careers, addiction, etc.) as well as other topics that are essential to feeding and nurturing feeling good (exp. creative writing, meditation, & forgiveness). It is intended to support joyous, well-rounded, and informed adults "To Be The Change They Want To See" in a fun, inspiring, and accessible way. For over 20 years Malika Lee has and continues to be a seeker & student of Transformation & Self-Actualization. In addition she is a Soul Consultant, Facilitator of Freedom and Fulfillment, Public Speaker, & Creative who has made it her mission to LIVE WELL and aims to support others in doing the same.

Witch 'N Bitch

Join your hosts Elena (a casual witch) and Pyry (a casual bitch) on a journey to the history of witchcraft and magickal practise. Every other week one of the hosts shares a report on a witchy subject from the Swedish witchtrials of the 1600s to the sorceresses of Ancient Greece. At the end of each episode Pyry and Elena also share their contemporary magical favorites. ἀσπάζομαι !

The Living Legacy Show

This is a show that examines purpose and how to live on purpose. Living a legacy relates to those actions and values that you live out each day. These actions generate a series of experiences between you and others that express your legacy, not only today, but for generations to come. Live on purpose and develop a legacy now. .. Create your living legacy.

Voice of Yahweh Radio

This is the Radio Ministry of Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch of the Lighthouse Inc., Church. Voice of Yahweh is a radio ministry of Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch. God has gifted in the realm of the prophetic. He speaks through and uses her to minister to God's people. Each message will inspire, correct, and encourage you to follow Christ.

Noble Mind

Noble Mind is a podcast exploring mindfulness, meditation, and psychology. In each episode, Alex Gokce, MSW, and Katherine King, PsyD, host inspiring conversations with psychologists, authors, and other thought leaders seeking real world wisdom you can bring into daily life. Interviewees have included Christopher Germer, Ron Siegel, Susan Pollak, Tom Pedulla, and more. Learn more, read show notes, suggest interviews, and more at noblemindpodcast.com. Our show is brought to you by the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy, a non-profit organization dedicated to the integration of mindfulness, meditation and psychotherapy. For more information, visit meditationandpsychotherapy.org. IG/FB: @noblemindpodcast TW: @noblemindcast

Ringside Preachers

What do pastors really think behind the scenes about theological and contemporary issues? A real conversation about real topics and a real God who is for us in His Son Jesus Christ. The preachers survey a handful of topics while being cut off by a boxing ring forcing them to go to the next one! With humor, frankness and occasional special guests, they get it done! Ringside is where the sacred and profane collide!

Hope Layer Podcast

Your story is personal and your heart is deeply layered... and you would love some honest inspiration that offers you hope. So, here I am, offering you encouragement... a simple yet powerful comfort with the comfort that I have received from walking through my own deeply layered story and discovering the gift of hope. Hope Layer podcast was born out of engaging in my brokenness through the expressive mediums of photography and journaling. As I have practiced this kind of creative therapy for both myself and then for others, I have continually discovered that no matter where we are at, or how deeply layered our story is... there is always a deep and beautiful layer of hope just waiting to be revealed! And hope is so good for the soul. I pray that these hopeful and authentic stories will serve you and love you well here...that you will feel safe and nurtured at the close of each episode. Thanks for journeying with me and discovering hope with me!

Back To The Covenant

Back To The Covenant is a podcast devoted to sharing The Most High's truth worldwide. Our mission is to help believers get back to the covenant by overcoming man-made traditions not founded in Scripture and walking in obedience to Yah's Torah, while believing in and following Yahshua Messiah's example. Thanks for listening! Have an amazing day! And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32

Magnify Your Miracles Podcast

Lightworkers and Spiritual Entrepreneurs need inspiration on a regular basis to nourish their spirits so they can keep sharing their light with the world. Each Wednesday, join Rev. Frances Fayden, a long-time Spiritual Entrepreneur & Interfaith Minister, as she shares miraculous stories, messages, meditations, book reviews and interviews to help you stay in the highest vibration possible! If you are a lightworker who wants to magnify your impact AND intuition, this podcast is for you!

El Emprendedor Espiritual

Mi nombre es Rodrigo Laddaga y mi misión es ayudarte a ti emprendedor dueño de una PYME, dueño de una Pequeña o Mediana Empresa a tener una vida balanceada en tu negocio y en tu vida personal, que tengas una vida plena, con propósito y que tu empresa sea un vehículo para tu realización profesional, económica y espiritual. Hoy en el mundo estamos presenciando el surgimiento de una nueva clase de emprendedores, los emprendedores con consciencia espiritual, si tu quieres ser uno de ellos, estas en el lugar correcto ¡Bienvenido!.


A-Prende es un espacio dedicado a la difusión de conocimiento personal para el aprovechamiento de todos y todas; en los renglones de salud, cultura, sociedad, religión, cocina, economía y política, entre otros, desde una perspectiva afrocaribeña y sociológica.