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Adiós Adicción

Compartiré las luchas, los triunfos, las derrotas y cada lección que esté aprendiendo en el camino. Mientras lo hago, invitaré a otros a compartir sus historias de adicción y recuperación para que pueda aprender de ellos y recordar que no estoy solo. Dejar de beber es solo el comienzo, mantenerme sobrio y luego convertirme en la persona que sé que debo ser será la verdadera aventura. ¿Te quieres unir a mi?

Daf Yomi for Women - Hadran

Hadran.org.il is the portal for Daf Yomi studies for women. Hadran.org.il is the first and only site where one can hear a daily Talmud class taught by a woman. The classes are taught in Israel by Rabbanit Michelle Cohen Farber, a graduate of Midreshet Lindenbaum’s scholars program with a BA in Talmud and Tanach from Bar-Ilan University. Michelle has taught Talmud and Halacha at Midreshet Lindenbaum, Pelech high school and MATAN. She lives in Ra’anana with her husband and their five children. Each morning the daf yomi class is delivered via ZOOM and then immediately uploaded and available for podcast and download. Hadran.org.il reaches women who can now have access to a woman’s perspective on the most essential Jewish traditional text. This podcast represents a revolutionary step in advancing women’s Torah study around the globe.

Daughters' of The King (Podcast)

A Word from Pastor Barbara Lynch on how our story developed. “God spoke and told me that his daughters were out there dying because there was nobody to encourage them and lift them up. He placed it upon my heart to start a blog to help his daughters come out of their troubled times and their times of total desperation. The blog was birthed because of the love of the Father for his daughters. He wants them to know they are not alone; they are loved totally and completely; and they are worth something. The Father was weeping when he spoke about this to me and he so desperately wants his daughters to rise to their high calling in Christ. The daughters out there who are selling their bodies because nobody cares enough to tell them about the love and compassion of the Father and that they are truly loved. Love Pastor Barbara Lynch

markbeinghuman's podcast

This show is a Christian faith based show to enable people to grow in what it means to be fully human. I share insights from leading churches for the past 37 years and being a follower of Jesus for over 40 years. People of all faiths will get value out of this podcast

דף יומי לנשים - הדרן
דף יומי לנשים

דף יומי לנשים - הדרן הוא שיעור הדף היומי הראשון המועבר על ידי אשה והזמין באינטרנט מכל מקום בעולם בזמן אמת. השיעורים מועברים בישראל על ידי הרבנית מישל כהן פרבר, שלמדה בתכנית במדרשת לינדנבאום בתכנית מתמידות ובעלת תואר ראשון בתלמוד ובתנ״ך מאוניברסיטת בר אילן. מישל לימדה תלמוד והלכה במדרשת לינדנבאום, בית ספר פלך ומתן. היא ממקימיה של קהילת נתיבות ברעננה. היא מתגוררת ברעננה עם בעלה וחמשת ילדיהם.

A Word of Light Ministries

Here at A Word of Light Ministries we have a desire to see people’s lives changed through the Word of God. We have been entrusted with the mandate to spread the gospel and we don’t take that mandate likely. The Word of God has the power to overcome any situation that people may find themselves in, and that is the hope that we bring to all those who will listen.

Forward Conversations

Nick and Amaris Beecher believe that life’s a journey to be enjoyed walking with God. Not rushing to the next “stage” or “goal” but treasuring Christ through the valleys and the peaks. This was always God’s design for us; to live freely, purposefully, and intentionally together with Him. You were made for that kind of life. A life of purpose. A life fully alive to the calling God has for you. A life present to your family and friends. A life for God’s glory. Forward Conversations Podcast is about having honest, candid, and challenging conversations that bring freedom, hope, and anticipation for what God is going to do! The Kingdom of God moves forward, one conversation at a time.

emotionships, the podcast

Yes, everything does “happen for a reason” but it’s not what you think. What if I told you the way you feel about your own body is connected to the way your great-great grandmother felt about hers? You may not know her first name, but her life experiences and emotional responses to them are still impacting yours. Everything in life has a hidden cause. The relationship we have to the people, events, and ideas are not random. Everything from drug addiction to sexuality to weight gain stems from emotions that lead to actions that lead to consequences. But rarely do we ask where these emotions come from. Many of us may talk in a way that ascribes the events in our lives as fate or coincidence or even a higher power, but surprisingly that’s not the case.  In this podcast, I share the biology, physics, and psychology on why everything does happen for a reason, and how everything in our lives—the good, the bad, and even the ugly—are not only something we can explain, but something we can control.

Light Your Faith with Bella

Scirpture study and faith promoting experiences for kids who belong to the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints

The Line with Ashley Wood

You come from the stars and you’re planted in the Earth to grow. The energetic frequency of the Universe, Mother Earth and your entire soul history runs within you — this is your Line and it’s connected to your Akashic Records. Through your Line you’re receiving guidance and support from your soul, so you can learn how to trust yourself, love yourself and guide yourself. Join Ashley Wood, host of The Line Podcast and founder of A Line Within, every week to learn more about your Line, the Akashic Records, your soul history and the channeled information that she received from The Pinnacle, a group of Pleaidain energy that she works with in her Records. Thanks for being here and enjoy the show!

Lifting the Veil

Why is it that in an age where we have never been more connected, so many of us feel so alone? When a career in professional sports fizzled out and a long-term relationship abruptly ended, Bob Wheatley saw everything that had once defined him as a man swept away in one fell swoop. He found himself alone, without an identity. It was only by turning to God’s Word that he started to see where he had gone wrong, what needed to change, and how he could ultimately find what he was looking for. In the LIFTING THE VEIL podcast, Bob sits down with authors, pastors, influencers, and peers, asking tough questions and shining a light on the lies that have permeated our dating, sex, and love experiences as Christians today. We all want to find joy in singleness and fulfillment in marriage. What if maybe, just maybe, God's way has been right all along? Come join in on the conversation!

Wisdom of the Sages

Truths about life from the timeless wisdom of the Bhakti-yoga tradition - fun, relevant, and deep. Learn about dharma, yoga, bhakti, and how it relates to all the basic questions of life. This show is about how to live your best life, let go of the external distractions, and uncover the spiritual happiness that lies within the heart as the true nature of the soul. Raghunath and Kaustubha's connection goes back to their teens in the New York Hardcore Punk Scene of the early 80s, through serving together as Bhakti-yogi monks in the 90's, to sharing their experiences in the world of yoga in the 21st century.