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Latinx Voces

Welcome to Latinx Voces a Policarpa Studios production. Latinx Voces is about Latinx, Latinas, and Latinos who thrive and contribute to the world economy as artists, educators, and the entire range of professional life. For more information visit https://policarpastudios.wixsite.com/policarpastudio.

Den Sociologiske Fantasi

Den Sociologiske Fantasi er en podcast, der formidler sociologisk forskning gennem uformelle interviews med forskerne bag. Podcastens hensigt er at udbrede de enorme mængder af viden, som konstant produceres bag universitetets mure, ud til et publikum, der ikke nødvendigvis beskæftiger sig med sociologi til daglig. Bag podcasten står Victor Kalsen Nissen og Janus Emil Mariager, der begge er kandidatstuderende i sociologi på Københavns Universitet. Sociologien spænder vidt, så temaerne vil variere fra gang til gang alt efter om vi sidder på en klima-, køns- eller kultursociologs kontor.

Συστήνοντας τον Πολίτη
Συστήνοντας τον Πολίτη

Δεν έχω καμία σχέση με αυτό που προσπαθούν να μας πείσουν ότι είναι η πολιτική, το θεωρώ κάτι τελείως ξένο από την φυσιολογία του ανθρώπου, το απεχθάνομαι και δεν έχω καμία πρόθεση να ασχοληθώ με "αυτή". Ξεκίνησα μία διαδρομή όπου προηγήθηκαν και άλλοι πριν από εμένα, οι περισσότεροι από αυτούς πήγη έμπνευσης, κάποιοι άλλοι παράδειγμα προς αποφυγή. Είμαι εδώ για να μοιραστώ τις εμπειρίες μου με εσάς, το αν θα ακολουθήσετε ή όχι πρέπει να είναι δική σας απόφαση. Αυτό το μονοπάτι πρέπει να το περπατήσει ο καθένας από μόνος του. Έχω συγκεκριμένες πληροφορίες και είμαι υποχρεωμένος από την πολιτεία να ασκήσω πραγματική πολιτική.

Podcast or Perish

A podcast about academic research and why it matters. Hosted by Cameron Graham, Professor of Accounting at York University, and produced by Bertland Imai of York's Learning Technology Services. In each episode, Cameron interviews a different academic scholar about how they do their research, what they've learned, and why their results matter to society. The show covers an amazing breadth of research topics by the most fascinating researchers around the world.

Maa, Mamta aur Margarita....with Nivedita!!!

Are you a new mom struggling to find your new normal? Do you often wish that your kids came with a manual? Are you a mom-to-be who is wondering what's coming your way? Is it going to be a calm little birdie, a kid next door, or a tsunami? Are you a seasoned mom still struggling to find that balance between mamta and margarita?   Motherhood is a very interesting combination of extreme love and extreme exhaustion.We love our kids but we also often need a break from all the craziness. Maa, Mamta aur Margarita! is a hindi podcast in which Nivedita, a desi mom and podcaster, shares her quirky but real thoughts and learnings about balancing motherhood in the modern world. Nivedita's aim with this podcast is three simple things: a) Share "real expectations" on what being a mom in 21st century means, b) balance Indian parenting wisdom with modern societal structure and needs, c) create a forum for 'mom-to-be', 'new-mom's' & 'all parents' alike to share and learn from each other. The episodes are released weekly, every Wednesday.


Essen wir alle bald Insekten und wächst der Salat dann im Kühlschrank? Wie sieht unsere Ernährung 2050 aus, wenn zehn Milliarden Menschen auf der Welt leben? Wenn wir den Bedürfnissen von Mensch, Tier und Umwelt gerecht werden wollen, definitiv nicht mehr so wie heute. Bei Foodure treffen wir Leute aus verschiedenen Bereich von Gastronomie bis Wirtschaft, um mit ihnen eine Bestandsaufnahmen zu machen und über die Zukunft unseres Essens zu reden. Musik: Tom Förderer Artwork: your.onkel.tattoo

Edge Zone Podcast | Permaculture & Beyond

Mike Wolfert of Symbiosis Regenerative Systems and Wesley Thoricatha of Psychedelic Times discuss a broad range of topics through the lens of permaculture and self development, in a free-flowing conversational format. An “edge zone” is where two distinct bioregions intersect and give rise to a more diverse third zone that incorporates species and features from both adjacent areas. With this in mind, the Edge Zone Podcast is an exercise in exploring the fertile edge zones between ideas and across disciplines, to unearth diverse and novel connections between seemingly disparate conceptual landscapes.

The Los & Rich Podcast

The Los and Rich Podcast is hosted by lifelong friends and brothers of the past, present and future Carlos De La Fuente (Los) and Rich Fernandez. This podcast centers on their experiences both together and separately from growing up in San Francisco the City By The Bay and their entire life experiences. They’ll discuss how and where they were raised, the disciplined that was both instilled and ingrained into them over their lives, the challenges and friction they had to overcome growing up in the big city and throughout life, and how they have applied those same lessons and experiences to their family and kids. Ultimately, they’ll share with you their perception on what is lacking in today’s world and how they feel their lessons of the past can help shape both today's & future generations. Tough Love-Real Talk!

ImJustSayingNews's podcast

I'M JUST SAYING is where news, social issues, music, movies, and comic books meet. Presenting conversations ranging from trending topics to top video games of all time.

Five Year Mission: The Podcast

They've been writing one original song for each episode of the original Star Trek, and now they're getting behind a different microphone! Join Five Year Mission as they explore Star Trek in their own podcast on the Trek Geeks Network!

Aus Gründen

Aus Gründen – der Podcast, der Themen, Theorien und Tatsachen aufgreift; von scharfen Analysen bis zu spannendem Talk jede Ausgabe ein neuer Blick hinter in die Gesellschaft und ihre MitspielerInnen – uns selbst.

Conversations on the Edge

Conversations on the Edge showcases a motley crew of iconoclast's and free thinkers exploring new approaches to community, spirituality, and how to solve the world's most daunting problems. Host Rami Shapiro helps the listener get a deeper understanding of different points of view through a mix of humor and insight. Listen every week to move past the status quo and discover the edge!