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Goodnight Stories With Michele Lepe

Goodnight Stories is a children's storytelling series hosted by Michele Lepe, best known for her role as Nina on The Good Night Show which aired on the Sprout Network.

What Rises with the Sun

I’m Taylor Eason and this is my novel, ‘What Rises with the Sun’. Thank you so much for taking your time to listen to the demo of chapter 1 of my book! The story is about a young girl named Virginia Singerman. With the tragic death of her family, Virginia Singerman took solitude with her uncle in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. After stumbling into an old room in her uncle's mansion, she uncovers an old diary belonging to a girl from the 1800s named Rose Cohen. Ignoring the warning left with the book, Virginia reads about another world near to her own with men that can turn into beasts, warriors that can sprout wings from their backs, fire that can move like a spirit, and the kidnapping and rescue of Rose Cohen. It is only a short time later that the very things that Virginia begins to read about begin to come to life around her, even in the people that are protecting her, who appear to know more than they reveal. I am now working to make a dramatized audiobook version of the novel. I am in communication with a professional recording studio about finishing this audiobook, I cannot be completed without you. Your donation helps us complete the full version of this audiobook. For as little as a one-time donation of $1, $5 or $10 you can help bring this book to life into its audiobook format. On top of all this, those who donate will be entered into a drawing to win either a $150, $100, or $50 Amazon gift card; and the drawing will be held on the launch date of the podcast audiobook. To learn more, visit CTaylorEason.com. If you would like to buy the book and read ahead in advance, you can find it in kindle and paperback on Amazon.com. Thank you so much for your time and have a blessed day!

The Cariorker

Dreaming out loud in the over-cast cloud between New York City and Rio de Janeiro, The Cariorker brings podcast subscribers all the classic culture of "The Marvelous City," Rio de Janeiro. And yet, what you find here is in English, translated and performed by New York actor/writer Todd Conner. With some help from a few of Rio's best musicians, your New Yorker host takes you on a deep-dive every other week into the rich literary past of "the Carioca" -- the native-born denizen of Rio -- bringing to light the hidden Lit, packing it up for export, and posting it for special delivery to the modern New Yorker, or anyone else stateside who has a heart for old Rio and an ear for storytelling. If you listen long enough, you might find that you're a Cariorker, too.

Expert Witness

When Spencer, a fledgling lawyer, gets in over his head at work, he hires his best friend Diane and her tribe of broke oddball actors to play expert witnesses in court. This blend of grounded friendship and broad comedy takes twists and turns as our band of misfits try to avoid getting caught for crimes they commit fighting an unjust system... for cash, that is. 

Short Nights

You may think you know what the story is about. Like life, these short stories are full of surprises. Short Nights are short stories with an unexpected twist that are told in 10 minutes or less.


When you’re starting a new life for yourself on an otherworldly frontier, the last thing you need is for the moon to fall out of the sky, reality to eat itself alive, and heavily-armed interplanetary bureaucrats to decide to murder you. Unfortunately, it's just one of those days. Midst is an ongoing dramatic audio series performed for the enjoyment of your mind's eyes and your head’s ears. New territory awaits. Welcome to the Fold. For the intended audio experience, please listen with headphones.

Book Reports

Are classic books actually good? I read classic literature for the first time and react to it as I go so that we can find out together. Join me and be edified, entertained, and likely confused as we make our way through these 'classics' together.

The Witching Hour

Real stories from real people.


A small-town morning radio show attracts national attention when a wildly unprepared gunman takes the hosts hostage on the air.

The TwiPod

Welcome to The TwiPod! Your #1 source for all things Twilight when you’re hungry for more. If you’ve yet to find a friend who cares quite as much about Twilight as you do, meet your host (and new best friend,) Kayla Sentell who’s ready to learn, discuss, and quite honestly fangirl through the whole series with you. Each week we’ll dive deep into answering questions like… - Is Bella Swan a “weak” female character? - What's the background on all these Cullen characters? And most importantly…. - #TeamEdward or #TeamJacob? I’m no expert but I do my homework and when it comes down to it I love Twilight just like you! Make sure you’re subscribed so you never miss an episode and get ready to fall in love with this fantasy world all over again!

Dracula by Bram Stoker

Bram Stoker's classic novel read by Mike Bennett. Unabridged as far as it goes, but this podcast is ongoing, and currently only goes as far as Chapter 21.

Fingering A Page

This podcast is intended for ages 18+. 🔞 A podcast full of smut and fanfic readings! Keep a lookout for special guests! Look for this month's podcast featuring writing by sex-obsessed-lesbian! Created by Morgan Danger. Please follow us @FingeringAPage on twitter, https://fingeringapagepodcast.tumblr.com/ or if you have questions or suggestions for featured creators send email to FingeringAPage@gmail.com If you’d like to support this podcast further go to FingeringAPagePod.com to purchase a limited edition “FAP Dangerously” enamel pin!