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The Duluth Lynchings

In this series, we will look back at one of Duluth, Minnesota’s dark moments in history, a time when an estimated 10,000 people participated in or were witness to a hate crime — then basically didn’t talk about it again publicly for more than 60 years. The Duluth Lynchings is produced by the Duluth News Tribune's Christa Lawler and Samantha Erkkila, with reporting by our newsroom staff. Music "We Three Kings" is composed by Jean “Rudy” Perrault and performed by the Gichigami Piano Trio. *A warning to listeners: Some episodes might have unsettling imagery or language. 

Дело №13
Дело №13

Криминальные дела, заброшенные психиатрические лечебницы и страшные истории от Гривана 🖤 YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/griwanru Telegram: t.me/GRIWANTUT VKontakte: vk.com/griwan Email: [email protected]

SVU POD: Especially Heinous

Welcome to SVU Pod: Especially Heinous, the podcast where Best Pals/SVU Enthusiasts, Gabe and Tasha recap episodes of everyone's favorite sexually based offense fictional crime drama, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit! But, wait. There are 20 years of episodes! Will you be starting from the pilot? UM, YEAH! Following the recap, we’ll bring you, what we call, our True Crime Chaser. Because Law and Order is “ripped from the headlines”, Tasha will be telling you a true story that relates to the SVU episode, in that it either influenced the episode or is similar in content. Thanks for listening! Love you, bye!

Real Talk with Jenny Jetson

Jenny Jetson is a multiple gunshot wound survivor discussing her recovery from trauma in hope of helping others. Follow Jenny as she tells her story of going from surviving to thriving.

Just A 30

Stephen and Andrew use comedy, horror, sports, and general news to entertain their viewers with their funny and awkward ways!

Rare and Unusual Podcast

We live in a World where Rare and Unusual things occur every day; things that shatter your understanding of reality and make you ponder the most difficult of all questions: What else is out there? From the paranormal to encounters with the unknown; we dive into the origins of ALL topics that seem to bring with them skepticism, hope, spirituality, and terror.

We Are Assholes

Three guys who are trying to be the biggest assholes on any given topic. We. Are. Assholes.

Seven Deadly Sinners

Sinners are often people who believe they deserve everything little thing they desire and hurting others along the way….well that’s just road kill. On a small scale, it’s scary, but on the scale these people have done it, it’s down right evil. Religion, Church, Preachers, can be your saving grace, sure, but what if Preachers used your trusting ear, for their down right dirty deeds and they did it in plain sight? On TV, in your parish, in your own home. Trickery, sales tactics, and a heavy lack of guilt made for a cast of greedy gluttons with pay to pray ministries signing their followers up into debt with God. These narcissists got high on money, sex and power, all under the guise that God talks to them. They preach a phony gospel on the world’s stage, but what happened behind the scenes will make your skin crawl. In Season 1 we uncover Seven Deadly Sins of Power Hungry Preachers. I’m Rachael O’Brien, the creator and Host of 7 Deadly Sinners and I'll be guiding you on this hellish journey. So close your eyes, bow your heads and buckle up.

Music City Murder

A Music City resident digs into Nashville-based murders, giving the necessary history and context that only a local can provide. Contact the show at [email protected]

Thin Green Line

The Thin Green Line podcast features discussions with experts on current worldwide public safety trends related to wildlife, waterway and wild land conservation threats around the globe. Featuring dynamic and relevant guests from traditional and wildlife law enforcement, survival, military, outdoor adventurer, environmental science, political, and civilian backgrounds, the Thin Green Line podcast brings you unfiltered and honest assessments of hot button Thin Green Line issues.

Dakota Spotlight Podcast

Dakota Spotlight is a slow burn, deep-dive True Crime podcast from and about the upper midwest. Season 5: A Better Search for Barbara Cotton: Season 4: Chasing Billy. Season 3: The House on Sweet and Seventh. Season 2: Zeeland, the untold story of Wade and Ellen Zick. Season 1: The case of Victor Newberry. A production of Forum Communications

Background Check Podcast

After five DWI's landed me prison, something had to change. One day I got into a fight and I spent eight days in solitaire confinement thinking about my life and the decisions I had made that led me to that dark place, literally. I came out of the hole a different man with a different heart, mind, soul, direction, and outlook on life. I got mentored by a couple of inmates who eventually made parole but within a year they were both back in. This confused me and ticked me off. I wondered how I was going to make it out there. Then I had a dream of opening up a transitional house for men so they would have a supportive place to parole to. Then I got out. It was awesome and sucky at the same time. After navigating two years on parole with a breathalyzer, not being allowed to drive my own dad to chemo treatments, tons of rejections for jobs, and being told "NO, felons can't live here" when trying to start my marriage at an apartment complex, I could finally breathe. But everywhere I go there's still a background check to deal with. In 2012 we started our business to help men with part time jobs out of prison and we also opened our first transitional house. A year later we opened the second. This podcast is about sharing stories and information concerning anything and everything that has to do with background checks. I have risen above my past and the many background checks along the way. This podcast will help you do the same. Today, I encourage people to check my background. So whether you are someone or know someone who's life has been impacted by the background check, this podcast is for you. We will talk with wrongfully convicted, rightfully convicted, CEO's who hire felons, parole lawyers, and so many other people. We hope you enjoy this journey and at least one episode inspires you. OK, C'mon, let do some background checks.