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Episode 78: Finding your own special path with Caitlin Padgett

Live Your Happy NOW! Conversations to open up and live an authentic, happy and fulfilled life.

Release Date: 06/07/2019

Have you ever made a choice based on other people's expectations?Have you ever decided to drink a lot just to let go of self judgement and find the freedom to be you? Join Caitlin for this insightful episode, where she shares:

How can you choose what works for you regardless of others expectations?

What does it mean to re-define sobriety?

What powerful question can help you let go of what happened in the past?

What is radical self care/self love and how can you practically apply it to your life?

What magical universe would Caitlin like to create for her young daughter Luna?

What is Caitlin’s special mantra this year?

Connect with Caitlin @ http://www.redefiningsobriety.com

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