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Episode 85 - When They See, Hear, and Understand Us

University College Podcast

Release Date: 06/13/2019

It’s been a few weeks, so welcome back to University College. This week, we welcome Morehouse man Jason Keene on the show to discuss the recent graduation gift bestowed upon the Morehouse graduating class of 2019. Will the gesture by billionaire Robert F. Smith start a new trend among HBCUs or PWIs? How insufferable will Morehouse graduates be now?

Ava DuVernay’s most recent project, When They See Us, was released a few weeks back. While overall reaction has been positive, should this film be a springboard to have conversations with other races about current injustices? If you’re one of our listeners and you are Black, is it your obligation to educated non-Black people about the perils of racism, systemic oppression and more?

We close out with one of the greatest American treasures that we have: Angry Curt. We won’t divulge any other clues, but you’ll want to hear it.

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