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30. Addressing Income Inequality with Emma Dale

Influencers Today

Release Date: 07/09/2019

Addressing income inequality is an issue close to the heart of Emma Dale, co-founder of Prospect Resourcing (www.prospectresourcing.com). She’s a specialist recruiter in the communications and public relations industry. Each year together with Public Affairs Asia they publish the State of the Industry Report (access here: www.prospectresourcing.com/blog/soi2019/).

This year the salary report shows men continue to out-earn women for the same or similar roles. In today’s podcast Emma dives into the subject and provides useful advice for negotiating more equitable compensation. She also talks about major trends disrupting the industry – from consolidation to “always on” professionals.

Listen and learn about how one professional is out to redress imbalances in pay – and empower female (and male) professionals to better understand their true potential.