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Habitat Podcast #50 - Jake Ehlinger - Jake's Legacy Farm Tour Q & A

Habitat Podcast

Release Date: 07/11/2019

Habitat Podcast Episode #50 - Jake Ehlinger - We celebrate by having our very 1st guest back on for EP #50.  Jake and Jared tour the Ehlinger farm and jump in the office to discuss what we saw.  Big thanks to Jake for his time and knowledge. Some of the many things we cover:

80 / 20 Rule with Deer Habitat

Creating Edge & Deer being Edge Creatures

Why Jake Does What He Does

Observation after Habitat Work to Adjust - Monitoring the Plan

Most Recent Information MRI

Hinge Cut Bedrooms and Details

Bedding Area Openings

Interdigital Glands in Deer

Pressured Deer Strategies

Jake's Scent Elimination Routine 

Detailed and Intentional Habitat Work 

Work Pays Off

Walk Behind Mower Ideas

Mock Scrapes & Favorite Trees