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This Is Rad!

Release Date: 07/17/2019

Themed Cruises show art Themed Cruises

This Is Rad!

The boys are delighted to welcome back one of the cooler humans on the planet, Annie Lockwood. Annie has had a wild couple of years that have ended in her living in NYC and working on themed festival cruises. This is one of those episodes where the guest just keeps saying wild things and the boys gasp and giggle. Wanna you wanna hear stories about drunken old people, wrestling madness, and Mini KISS? Grab a boozy milk shake, sit down in the biohazard hot tub, and strap in folks. We are setting sail!   Weekly Rads: Kyle – The Big Flop (podcast) Matthew – Getting buzzed while your best...

Confessions of a Texas Haunter (Almost) show art Confessions of a Texas Haunter (Almost)

This Is Rad!

This week you were gonna hear wild stories of haunted attractions, Texas-style! A little Radtober in the Springtime!   But, there were... issues.   So instead, be bring you another intimate evening with the boyz.   Next Week we will have a guest or your pizza is free!   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Podcast The Ride The Citywalk Orlando Saga: Malltiverse of Madness (podcast series) Matthew – New Season of Taskmaster, new eps Thursdays on their YouTube channel (show)   Check out Burnside playing video games at https://www.twitch.tv/stayindoorsburnside   Get Kyle Clark's...

Dad Jokes show art Dad Jokes

This Is Rad!

Burnside's time has come. Brandon Niznik returns to the show with his wife Criselda Valderrama to chat about their new joke book “Dad Jokes for Disastrous Situations”. We discuss the art of the dad joke and what went into compiling this compendium. Oh, hey, before you go listen, what's that on your shirt? Get Dad Jokes for Disasterous Situations      Weekly Rads:   Kyle – And Now for the Whatchamacallit by Psycadellic Porn Crumpets (album)   Burnside – Wavy cut toilet paper (toiletry)   Laura – The Rise and Fall of a Widwest Princess by Chappell Roan...

An Evening In with The Boyz show art An Evening In with The Boyz

This Is Rad!

This week, a guest fell out and so Matthew and Kyle had a lovely chat. Topics include: upcoming horror movies, employment, and Burnside gives some tips for the times...   Weekly Rads: Kyle – For Forever by The American Analog Set (album) and Late Night with the Devil (movie) and X-Men '97 (show) Matthew – Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire (movie)   Check out Burnside playing video games at https://www.twitch.tv/stayindoorsburnside   Get Kyle Clark's I'm a Person: Director's Cut  You can go to www.kyleclarkcomed.bandcamp.com and pay what you want for the full uncut set from...

Immersive Theater show art Immersive Theater

This Is Rad!

The podcast returns with another look at the world of immersive theater, this time from an actor's point of view. Libby Rose has been working extensively with immersive theater groups since moving to LA. We listen to her story of getting involved with immersive theater and what it requires from an actor. She tells us about some interesting private immersive performances and some of the wild things she's done.   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Punk's Dead by Soft Play (single) Matthew – The Traitors (show) Libby – A cat meme describing the events of the American revolution but with cats (meme)...

Escaping Cults show art Escaping Cults

This Is Rad!

This week the boys are joined by comedian Uriah Wesman (@uriahjokes) for his incredible story of escaping from not one, not two, but THREE cults. And he's made a one man show about it. Uriah has a great sense of humor and some inedible insights. Plus, we debate if gmail is rad...   Uriah's one man show “Three Cults Walk into a Bar” premieres May 11th at the Lyric Hyperion in Los Angeles. Tickets:   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Problemista (movie) Matthew – RX Bandits playing The Resignation live for 20th anniversary (live) seeing a band that means a lot to you (concept) Uriah –...

Puzzles show art Puzzles

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Matthew are joined by artist Maxwell Robinson to chat about puzzles. We try to break down the different subcategories and what types we personally enjoy. Are you a sudoku person or more of a crossword type? Plus, we chat about the various uses of puzzles in video game design. Plus, Maxwell tells the boys the part they played in meeting his wife. Puzzles and Love!   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Dune: Chapter 2 (movie) Matthew – Tangk by Idles (album) Maxwell – TheCrafsMan SteadyCraftin' and Bobby Fingers (craft youtube channels) Game of Shrooms (art project)   Check...

Sleep No More show art Sleep No More

This Is Rad!

The always delightful Joe Kaye (@joecharleskaye) returns to the show to talk about the long running immersive theater experience Sleep No More. Sleep No More is a 3 hour, wordless version of Macbeth told via dance and it all takes place inside of a four story building where each floor is filled with fully explorable rooms where the scenes unfold around you in real time. It is crazy. The long running New York City show is closing in 2024 and Joe Kaye has done the experience several times in an attempt to remember this unique theatrical experience. Strap in. Get inspired. Have your mind blown....

New Zealand show art New Zealand

This Is Rad!

This week the boys are joined by comedian Britt Boyd for a conversation that takes us around the world to the island nation of New Zealand. Post Covid (and a divorce) Britt has been traveling the world and recounts her journey to the land of wonder and Peter Jackson set location tours. Plus, we explore how many “lab partners” the average high school student should have...   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Struggler by Genisis Owusu (album) and Bob Marley: One Love (movie) Matthew – Sapporo Premium Beer Can (quality object) Britt – A really nice new backpack (quality object)   Check out...

Fighting Games show art Fighting Games

This Is Rad!

The boys are joined by the one and only Jordan Morris for a chat about fighting games. All three share their memories of the 90s fighting game heyday and why they have or haven't stuck with fighting games. They weigh in on the evolution of the Street Fighter series in the wake of the recently released Street Fighter VI. Kyle discusses dabbling in the mysterious world of SNK games. Matt compares fighting games to Overwatch.   Pre-Order Jordan's new comic “Youth Group”   Weekly Rads: Kyle - Persona 3 Reload (game) Matt - The Bear season 2 (show) Jordan - High Jack (show)  ...

More Episodes

The summer of rad gets foodie as Kyle prepares a lovely flight of popsicles for a panel of discerning palettes. Kyle and Matthew are joined by Robert Ahn, Taylor VH, and Nancy Clark for a discussion of what constitutes a popsicle versus and ice cream novelty, cartooned themed snacks, and the mysterious allure of the ice cream man. We put together a good solid half hour of chat before we start eating so if you are grossed out by people eating on mic, there is a well designated jumping off point. That said, if you can take a little bit of audible slurping (we tried to eat away from mic as much as possible, we're not monster) then you get some good riffing.


Technical Note: We were getting some funky buzzes from the aging power cable we were using. We're working on upgrading and its pretty quiet and only happens a few times but figured we'd let you know that we know.


Popsicle Flight:

Standard Popsicle brand basic popsicle

Rocket Pop

Sherbet Push Up

Outshine Pineapple Bar

Helados Mexico Fresca-Strawberry Bar


Orange Creamsicle


Weekly Rads:


Kyle – Crawl (movie)


Robert – Lillians Bread and Sweets (Filipino restaurant inside a carwash)


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