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Understanding Your Life's Blueprint

Global Badass Goddess

Release Date: 08/09/2019

We explore with Gail Minogue, author of “Divine Design - How You Create the Life You Are Living”  How to understanding your own personal blueprint of life and the what are the benefits of knowing these are. Is there a destiny or is life all free will in that blueprint? So what is middle age? Gail says it’s not 30 or 40, middle age begins at 60 because in her work, philosophy and understanding, we are supposed to live until a 120 to 150 years of age. She say’s, if so, we need to make sure we have a life that is filled with a future we want to live into, not just languish with nothing to do but get old not fulfilling our greatest potential and dreams. Gail is a published authority in the symbolic relationship of numbers to our lives. Her appearances have been on CNN, ABC and Charter Communications.