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Campfire Stories and IT Leadership with Justice Sikakane WizardCast 95


Release Date: 08/12/2019

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What it like to be an IT Leader in the day of Salesforce? What is the Campfire Stories podcast? Our guest really does the WizardCast Justice... Justice Sikakane, Co-Host of the Campfire Stories podcast and IT leader at Hennepin Theatre Trust joins us to talk about his podcast and what's it like being an IT Leader in today's Salesforce world.

Show Overview

0:00 Mark goes mad with power
1:31 Intro
2:32 Joke?
03:14 EXTREME Justice (Sikakane) - Campfire Stories & Modern IT Leadership
08:02 Justice's favorite trailhead badge
17:00 Vala Afshar
20:45 Justice's dream guest
23:23 Gif squad or Gif squad
27:35 Emojii in business email
31:39 What Gif would be used for Campfire Stories podcast?
34:01 Being an IT Leaders, what does it mean today with Salesforce responsibilities?
38:10 How does Justice know he's doing his job
47:52 Justice ends the interview
49:00 Outro
51:03 Post Credits
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