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Finding Sanctuary

Faith and Life Podcast

Release Date: 08/18/2019

We will find true sanctuary when we walk God’s path for us. God desires to give us sanctuary. We live in a corner of the world where many people experience being over-scheduled, over-burdened, and over-extended. Many of us desire to experience a sanctuary where we can find true rest for our souls, but being an active and growing disciple of Jesus takes time. God will not allow a Christ-follower to find restful sanctuary outside of God’s will for us. How do we become more fully devoted followers of Jesus and have a more healthy balance in our lives? When we are weary and burdened, how do we find a safe and encouraging sanctuary to experience God’s true rest and where the empty tanks of our souls are filled up with God’s inexhaustible love, grace, and truth?
Next Step: Determine what your priorities are and adjust your schedule to reflect those priorities. Make it a priority to be in worship the next three weeks to better understand how we experience true sanctuary when we learn, live, and unleash God’s love.