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TWIWH S2 E35 (08/27 – 09/02) This Week In Wrestling History

DTKC Show / Wednesday Night Don-O-Mite

Release Date: 09/03/2019

The Don Tony Show (YouTube) 05/29/2020 show art The Don Tony Show (YouTube) 05/29/2020

DTKC Show / Wednesday Night Don-O-Mite

Running Time: 3 Hours 29 Minutes Hosted by Don Tony A very special thank you to everyone who tuned in live and allowed me (DT) to split this episode technically into two parts. The first half primarily was the usual pro wrestling talk. The second part was for some very serious discussion. From the recent tragedy of George Floyd, law enforcement, racial profiling, 'Karen', cyber bullying and more. The list of tragedies I discussed fm Rodney King to George Floyd I researched myself. Each showed not only that Law Enforcement must change within, but hate & racism must be removed from the...

Wednesday Night Don-O-Mite (EP36) 05/27/2020 show art Wednesday Night Don-O-Mite (EP36) 05/27/2020

DTKC Show / Wednesday Night Don-O-Mite

Running Time: 2 Hours 35 MinutesHosted by Don Tony Quick synopsis: ICW 'Deathmatch Drive-In' event announced for NJ and sells out in 30 minutes!... AEW Dynamite and NXT reviews... Matt Riddle coming to Smackdown... Adam Cole attends AEW BBQ and the dopey rumors mongers return... FTR (FKA The Revival) make their AEW Dynamite debut!... Drake Maverick advances to NXT Interim Cruiserweight Title Finals (vs El Hijo del Fantasma)... Timothy Thatcher gets his teeth kicked in by Matt Riddle. Seriously... Miike Tyson spoils the Inner Circle Pep Rally... Important travel ban updates for Japan and...

Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show 05/25/2020 show art Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show 05/25/2020

DTKC Show / Wednesday Night Don-O-Mite

RUNNING TIME: 2 Hours 42 Minutes Hosted by Don Tony and Kev Castle Quick synopsis: A Memorial Day Thank You to our Military and First Responders... WWE FINALLY has 'fans' (NXT stars) ringside albeit overproduced and a bit forced... DT thinks the plexiglass around ringside has a higher purpose: The fans... DTKC address the last Cyber Bullying, Cancel Culture, and the JDFromNY / Alexa Bliss story... Lance Storm addresses Snitch Tagging... Raw recap (Apollo wins US Title, Garza def Owens, Nia Jax #1 Contender, Gronk sighting, Lashley vs McIntyre build and more)... The Rock and NBC Titan Games...

AEW Double Or Nothing (2020) PPV Recap + Review show art AEW Double Or Nothing (2020) PPV Recap + Review

DTKC Show / Wednesday Night Don-O-Mite

Running Time: 2 Hours 49 Minutes Hosted by Don Tony to WATCH the VIDEO AEW DoN (2020) PPV RECAP YOUTUBE episode to download the AUDIO version of AEW DoN (2020) PPV RECAP episode for the COMMERCIAL FREE AEW DoN (2020) PPV RECAP episode.  to listen to the AEW DoN (2020) PPV RECAP episode online. to WATCH the VIDEO THE DON TONY SHOW 05/22/2020 YOUTUBE episode to download the AUDIO version of THE DON TONY SHOW 05/22/2020 episode for the COMMERCIAL FREE THE DON TONY SHOW 05/22/2020 episode. to access previous episodes for all the shows! ================= DON TONY IS NOW ON INSTAGRAM,...

The Don Tony Show (YouTube) 05/22/2020 show art The Don Tony Show (YouTube) 05/22/2020

DTKC Show / Wednesday Night Don-O-Mite

Running Time: 3 Hours 45 Minutes Hosted by Don Tony NOTE FROM DT: AEW Double Or Nothing PPV Recap airs LIVE SATURDAY 05/23/2020 immediately following the PPV. to tune in LIVE. Topics discussed: WWE Smackdown Recap (The now ‘traded to Smackdown’ AJ Styles vs Nakamura, Otis/Mandy vs Dolph/Sonya, Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus, Charlotte vs Bailey)... AEW Double Or Nothing PPV Predictions... RIP Hana Kimura (22)... Seth Rollins addresses Jim Cornette's insensitive remarks towards Becky Lynch's pregnancy... Artistic tribute to Shad Gaspard sparks a TV Series idea from DT: "Bright Side Of The Ring"......

Wednesday Night Don-O-Mite (EP35) 05/20/2020 show art Wednesday Night Don-O-Mite (EP35) 05/20/2020

DTKC Show / Wednesday Night Don-O-Mite

Running Time: 2 Hours 33 MinutesHosted by Don Tony Quick synopsis: The wrestling world mourns the tragic death of Shad Gaspard (RIP)... AEW Dynamite and NXT reviews... Young Bucks and Hangman Page return to Dynamite... DT discusses critical lawsuit details ignored on Owen Hart: Dark Side Of The Ring... AEW Double Or Nothing PPV Predictions will air Friday 05/22 episode of The Don Tony Show and a LIVE PPV recap Saturday 05/23 immediately following the PPV... AEW Double Dark's 'Guess The Winner' returns!... NWA Carnyland debuts... Drake Maverick keeps his WWE job for at least one more week......

Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show 05/18/2020 show art Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show 05/18/2020

DTKC Show / Wednesday Night Don-O-Mite

RUNNING TIME: 2 Hours 11 Minutes Hosted by Don Tony and Kev Castle Quick synopsis: The latest on Shad Gaspard's tragic disappearance while swimming with his son in Venice Beach, CA... Undertaker: The Last Ride Part Two... WWE + Drew Gulak - Barry Bloom = New Contract?... Becky Lynch: The Ma, AJ Styles: A Sap?... DTKC debate Jim Cornette's comments on Becky Lynch's pregnancy... Thumbs up for MVP managing Bobby Lashley. Apollo Crews next please!... Begging WWE; please put wrestlers around ringside and simulate some crowd noise... DTKC debate: Mark Henry threatening to sue Lio Rush... WWE Raw...

The Don Tony Show (YouTube) 05/15/2020 show art The Don Tony Show (YouTube) 05/15/2020

DTKC Show / Wednesday Night Don-O-Mite

Running Time: 3 Hours 17 MinutesHosted by Don Tony Topics discussed: Seth Rollins posts a beautiful tribute to Becky and her pregnancy... Jim Cornette on the other hand, criticizes Becky for getting pregnant... DT discusses why Becky Lynch taking time off to start a family will give clarity to WWE Women's division. Will WWE elevate new women in place of Becky? Or will they keep falling back to the Three Horsemen?... WWE strips Sami Zayn (aka John 4:14) of IC Title. DT explains why WWE would prefer that Sami Zayn quit instead of releasing him... Smackdown (05/15) review... Addressing selective...

Wednesday Night Don-O-Mite (EP34) 05/13/2020 show art Wednesday Night Don-O-Mite (EP34) 05/13/2020

DTKC Show / Wednesday Night Don-O-Mite

Running Time: 2 Hours 33 MinutesHosted by Don Tony Quick synopsis: AEW Dynamite and NXT (5/13/20) Recap and Review... Cody and his F150 drives DT into uncontrollable 'spit soda thru the nose' laughter... Mike Tyson to present TNT Title to Cody vs Archer winner at DON. Why isn't AEW doing this as part of a TNT ceremony on Dynamite following the PPV?... Remember DT's idea of WWE bringing back 'In Your House' PPV during pandemic? It's coming, but to NXT on 6/7!... RIP Vanguard 1... AEW 'Double Dark': Entertaining but twice as predictable... Wrestling promotions scramble to survive pandemic......

Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show 05/11/2020 show art Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show 05/11/2020

DTKC Show / Wednesday Night Don-O-Mite

RUNNING TIME: 2 Hours 16 Minutes Hosted by Don Tony and Kev Castle Quick synopsis: An early Christmas Gift for Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins! Becky announces her pregnancy; forfeits WWE Raw Women's Championship to Asuka. (Congrats to Seth and Becky!)... What happens next with Kairi Sane?... Alberto Del Rio arrested, accused of felony sexual assault... Brattie Nattie?... Shayna Bayzler channeling her inner Brock Lesnar attitude taking shots at Becky's pregnancy... WWE brings back the Wild Card Rule (as the 'brand to brand invitation') and how WWE can make it more successful... MITB fallout......

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RUNNING TIME: 3 Hours 42 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

SYNOPSIS: S2 E35 (08/27 - 09/02)

  • Looking back at a memorable '77 WWWF MSG match and feud between Superstar Billy Graham vs Ivan Putski.
  • Pat Patterson becomes the first ever WWWF Intercontinental Champion. 
  • Looking back at a memorable '79 tournament for the Mid Atlantic NWA US Title featuring Ricky Steamboat, Jimmy Snuka, Bruiser Brody, Buddy Rogers, and more. 
  • The Big Event: WWF draws 64,000+ fans for a house show in Canada. 
  • Looking back at World Class Labor Day 'Star Wars' event (1985, 1986).
  • Summerslam Highlights: 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1998, 2000. 
  • Audio: Ultimate Warrior def Honkytonk Man for IC Title and MSG fans go bananas. 
  • When wrestling gets too real: Memphis Police called after Jerry Lawler is hit by a car (driven by Eddie Gilbert). 
  • Audio: Macho Man Randy Savage vs Ric Flair; a rare WWF Superstars match that featured a World Title Change. 
  • Audio: Vince McMahon vs USWA Saga Continues. 
  • Looking back at AAA La Revancha event (1993).
  • Audio: Harley Race introduces Yoshi KHAN to the Cactus Jack / Big Van Vader feud.
  • Audio: ECW becomes Extreme: ECW leaves NWA as Shane Douglas throws down newly won NWA Heavyweight Title and debuts ECW Heavyweight Championship.
  • Tag Team gold for HBK and Diesel, and PG-13. 
  • Audio: As The Dudleys exit ECW (for WWF), Raven makes a memorable surprise return after quitting WCW. 
  • Audio: The Rock and Sock Connection is formed and immediately leads to Tag Team Gold. 
  • Audio: Steve Austin tosses Kurt Angle's Gold Medals into the Detroit River. 
  • Mini Hardys and Mini Dudleys make Raw appearance. 
  • XPW 'Hostile Takeover' of Philadelphia and ECW Arena begins.
  • DT shares some never told before personal stories on camera and behind the scenes from that August 2002 weekend.
  • Audio: Juventud Guerrera 'Juicy' promo from XPW Hostile Takeover. 
  • Eric Bischoff creates a new World Heavyweight Title and awards it to Triple H. 
  • Audio: Jerry Lynn vs AJ Styles vs Low Ki TNA Ladder Match (2002). 
  • Looking back at Osaka Dream Night event featuring the first ever Cage Match for NJPW (2003). 
  • Final Thursday Night Smackdown episode airs on UPN 
  • Audio: Chris Jericho performs on FOX reality show 'Celebrity Duets'. 
  • Audio: The Miz makes his WWE main roster debut. 
  • WWE suspends Ten stars and releases others for Wellness Policy violations related to the Signature Pharmacy scandal.
  • WWE announces a significant change for future violators of the Wellness Policy. 
  • Adam Pearce wins the vacant NWA World Heavyweight Title. 
  • Ashley Massaro signs to compete on 'Survivor: China'.
  • TNA signs Mickie James. 
  • MTV2 drops Lucha Libre USA after seven episodes. 
  • Reid Flair makes pro wrestling debut at Lucha Libre USA taping. 
  • Dixie Carter makes her first ever TV appearance on TNA Impact.
  • Kaval wins NXT Season 2. 
  • Triple H makes major change to Raw, announces 'Super Shows' featuring Raw and Smackdown stars. 
  • Audio: Triple H / CM Punk / Kevin Nash attempt to turn Chicken Sh** into Chicken Salad. 
  • WWE suspends Cameron for DUI arrest and withholding information from the incident. 
  • Audio: Memorable 2013 AJ Styles Impact promo confronting TNA Management and more. 
  • Audio: Kevin Owens 'Mount Rushmore Of Pro Wrestling' Promo from PWG BOLA 2013. 
  • TNA suspends Bram after being arrested for domestic violence and false imprisonment. 
  • WWE releases Zahra Shreiber after social media postings featuring Nazi symbols surface. 
  • WWE suspends Jimmy Snuka's legends contract after being arrested and charged with third degree murder of Nancy Argentino from 1983. 
  • Piss, Sh**, Milk Guy Armando Montalvo shot by Florida Police outside WWE Performance Center. 
  • Looking back at AAA TripleMania XXIV event (2016).
  • Audio: Kevin Owens wins vacated WWE Universal Championship. 
  • Audio: John Cena and Roman Reigns memorable promo exchange hyping up match at No Mercy (2017) PPV. 
  • Looking back at All-In event (2018).
  • And so much more!

NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS: Bam Bam Bigelow, Rocco Rock, George Scott, Jos LeDuc, Buzz Jones, Ernie Zeller, Bob DeMarce, Bearcat Brown, Fat Frank Iadevaia, Miguel Torres, Don Greene, Dale Lewis, Willem Ruska, Rey Celestial, Baby Haystacks, Sambo Asako, Rolando Aguirre, Tarzán López, El Cobarde, John Cozman, El Médico and Otto Schoenfeld (RIP), Jody Hamilton and Franz Van Buyten 81, Animal Hamaguchi and José Ochoa 72, Sgt Slaughter 71, Stan Hansen 70, Joel Goodhart 66, Águila Solitaria 65, El Vigilante 63, King Kaluha 61, Todd Champion 59, Mongolian Mauler 58, Tracy Smothers 57, Mike Rapada, Kenshiro Yukimura and Jorge Rivera 55, Fatu 53, Lady Star and Yumi Ogura 52, Scott Stanford 51, Joe E. Legend 50, Sim Snuka 48, Doug Williams and Great Khali 47, Wataru Inoue, Sinn Bodhi and Wavell Starr 46, Princesa Blanca and Michael Faith 45, SUWA and Drago 44, Jazz, Milano Collection AT and Miss Mongol 43, Jeff Hardy, Shusaku Wada, Santiago Sangriento, Wotan, Mike Posey, Roberto González and Jeremy López 42, Ricky Reyes, Linda Miles, Yasushi Kanda, Johnny Punch, John E Bravo and Tank Toland 41, Mickie James and Tiny Iron 40, Osamu Namiguchi, Demus 666 and Shinobu 39, Nui Tofiga, Kenji Konaka, Ian Logan, Randy Terrez, Melissa Maughn and Nick Belushi 38, Hellvetic Warrior, Lauren Jones, Waylon Beck and Aurora Reina 37, Caleb Konley, Pierre Abernathy and Steve Douglas 36, Daisuke Kanehira, La Chica Tormenta, Ryan Cruz and Jimmy Blade 35, Tatsuhiko Yoshino and Jack Jameson 34, Sayaka Obihiro 33, Sami Callihan and La Hormiga 32, Ember Moon, Ryan Slater, Kenta Hattori, Adam Christ and Vaquero Jr 31, Sho Tanaka, GO Asakawa, Ken Floyd, Christina Von Eerie, Fly Star and Kengo Nishimura 30, Angel Blue 29, Cem Kaplan, Joe Ocasio and Jurn Simmons 28, Josh Faulkner, Angelito and Yuki Ueno 24, Colby Corino 23

NOTABLE PRO WRESTLING DEBUTS: Larry Zbyszko 1972, Naomichi Marufuji 1998, Shinsuke Nakamura 2002, Okada 2004, Mojo Rawley 2012

NOTABLE DEATHS: Jack Zarnas 87, Gorilla Poggi, Steve A. Gobrukovich and Otto Luger 86, Tony Borne 84, Herb Larson 83, Mr. Fuji and Bert Assirati 82, Killer Kowalski, Constantino Kostorias and Len Macaluso 81, Chief War Eagle and Bob Nandor 80, Karloff Lagarde and Gladys Reynolds 79, Espanto #2 78, Pete Mehringer and Beverly Lehmer 77, Danno O’Shocker and Ronald Hill 73, Sam Baldwin 69, Albert Henry Rosburg and Kotetsu Yamamoto 68, Farmer Bailey 67, William Wark 65, Dale Lewis 64, Tarzán López and Ciclón Veloz Jr 63, Boris Malenko 61, Iron Mike Steele 52, Renato Gardini and Billy Raborn 51, Bearcat Wright 50, Luna Vachon 48, Aya Koyama 45, Joe Cox 44, Nate Hatred 39, Lin Byron 36, Jay Youngblood 30, JC Bailey 27

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