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Finding Sanctuary in Life Groups

Faith and Life Podcast

Release Date: 09/02/2019

We find true sanctuary when we enjoy life in active and fulfilling friendships with other followers of Jesus. A life group is any group of friends that regularly enjoy life together and a Christian life group also seeks to help each other grow in faithfully following Jesus. We hear this call to live God’s love in life groups often, maybe more often than you wish. We will continue to encourage being in a life group for these reasons:
  • It is in friendships that we most tangibly experience God’s love and the tanks of our souls are filled.
  • True friendship is the antidote to the growing loneliness that many are experiencing.
  • Being in a life group is the most effective encouragement to faithfully follow Jesus.
  • Our church family will be at our best when most of us are in life groups and the life groups truly become the center and heartbeat of our life together.
  • This is the model that Jesus lived and gave to us.
Take Away: Try out a life group and help to deepen the relationships in your life group.