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It's Personal: Do You Know My Name?

Faith and Life Podcast

Release Date: 09/22/2019

Learning someone’s name is a first important step in being personal. Before we were born, God knew us by name. In our baptism God called us by name into his eternal family. Because of Jesus, our names are written in heaven. Because God knows you by your name, you ought to know others by their names. How you say someone’s name can be personal or shallow. When Jesus said Zacchaeus’ name, Jesus modeled honor. When you call someone by name, you are making a statement about a person’s existence, purpose, and value. When you say someone’s name, you are saying someone is worth remembering and identify someone in a way that communicates value. It matters if you say someone’s name, how you say someone’s name, and how often you say someone’s name. We can learn ways of remembering people’s names.
Next Step: Become better at remembering names.