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EP107 Milli Moves: You Asked & Hilda Gan Answered

Young Money with Tracey Bissett

Release Date: 10/22/2019

EP323 Financially Supporting Aging Parents show art EP323 Financially Supporting Aging Parents

Young Money with Tracey Bissett

As Canadians grapple with the financial and emotional aspects of supporting aging parents, we sit down with Clay Jarvis, a mortgage and real estate expert from NerdWallet Canada. This episode dives into NerdWallet’’s recent aging parent survey, conducted by the Harris Poll, revealing that nearly one-third of Canadians are either assisting or plan to assist their parents financially. Listen in as Clay provides expert advice on initiating conversations about finances with aging parents, addressing sensitive topics such as estate planning and end-of-life care. He emphasizes the importance of...

EP322 Fifth Annual Worry Poll Results with Scotiabank show art EP322 Fifth Annual Worry Poll Results with Scotiabank

Young Money with Tracey Bissett

Are Canadians' financial concerns keeping them up at night? In this episode, we're joined by Kingsley Chak, Senior Vice President at Scotiabank, to delve into the anxieties and hopes shaping the financial landscape in Canada today, as revealed by the fifth annual Worry Poll. This discussion sheds light on the pressing financial issues that Canadians face—from spending concerns to debt management—and highlights the proactive measures being adopted, particularly by the youth, to forge a path toward financial stability. "You're not alone. What you're thinking, what you're feeling—a lot of...

EP321 TikTok Credit Card Tips Reviewed by NerdWallet Canada show art EP321 TikTok Credit Card Tips Reviewed by NerdWallet Canada

Young Money with Tracey Bissett

Today we're diving into the untapped world of financial wisdom on TikTok as Shannon Terrell, lead writer at NerdWallet Canada, shares the truths and myths surrounding popular financial advice. Shannon sheds light on crucial financial insights shaping the digital landscape, from purchase protection to the mysteries of credit card skimmer scams. With Canadians increasingly relying on TikTok for financial advice, this episode offers tips to navigate the complexities of credit cards and personal finance. Listen in to hear about the nuances of credit utilization ratios, the intricacies of credit...

EP320 Financial Fitness Lessons from Super Bowl LVIII show art EP320 Financial Fitness Lessons from Super Bowl LVIII

Young Money with Tracey Bissett

What can Super Bowl LVIII teach us about financial fitness? In this episode, I dive into wisdom we can take away from the year's biggest game and explore how stars like Taylor Swift and Usher, along with the athletes’ inspiring stories, reveal crucial financial strategies. Listen in as I analyze the perseverance and disciplined approaches of NFL players and entertainers, showing how their journeys mirror essential financial principles. You'll hear actionable insights for achieving financial wellness and learn the significance of dedication to long-term goals and resilience. "In the same way...

EP319 Loud Budgeting show art EP319 Loud Budgeting

Young Money with Tracey Bissett

Are you ready to challenge the norms of personal finance with the bold trend of loud budgeting? In this episode, I explore this trend, which encourages openly declaring and adhering to your financial goals. Spearheaded by Lukas Battle on social media, this movement marks a departure from quiet luxury, advocating for courageous, value-driven financial decisions. I’ll delve into how this approach not only curbs impulse spending, but also adapts effectively to the current economic landscape. Listen in as I revisit themes of financial openness from previous episodes, highlighting how discussing...

EP318 Bissett Financial Fitness Framework show art EP318 Bissett Financial Fitness Framework

Young Money with Tracey Bissett

As we step into the new year, it's the perfect time to get motivated and inspired about our financial fitness. In this episode, I draw parallels between physical and financial fitness, illustrating how both exist on a spectrum from beginners to experts. Dive into the three key elements of the Bissett Financial Fitness Framework: cash flow, savings, and debt management. Just like physical fitness—where cardio, strength training, and lifestyle choices play crucial roles—these financial elements are essential for a balanced and healthy financial life. Whether you're just starting to learn...

EP317 Lessons Learned in 2023; 2024 Predictions & Tips show art EP317 Lessons Learned in 2023; 2024 Predictions & Tips

Young Money with Tracey Bissett

As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome 2024, it's time to reflect on the past year's financial lessons and look ahead with optimism and preparedness. In this episode, I’m diving into the significant financial events of 2023, from soaring interest rates to the challenges of inflation and job cuts, and how they've shaped our financial behaviors. Join me as I celebrate Young Money's milestones (including crossing 350,000 downloads!), explore the personal and professional achievements of the year, and discuss the importance of community support and personal health in our financial journeys. I...

EP316 How to Practice Gratitude in Challenging Times show art EP316 How to Practice Gratitude in Challenging Times

Young Money with Tracey Bissett

What are you grateful for? Reflecting on this question is the first step toward integrating gratitude into your life. Whether through mindful observation, expressions of thanks, or keeping a gratitude journal, the possibilities are endless. In this episode, I will be going over several ways to practice gratitude when you may not be feeling so grateful. Incorporating gratitude into your daily routine doesn't require extensive time; even a few minutes each day can significantly impact you. As we explore the power of gratitude, remember that expressing thanks for your financial fitness is equally...

EP315 How to Protect Yourself Online with TELUS show art EP315 How to Protect Yourself Online with TELUS

Young Money with Tracey Bissett

Are you aware of the risks lurking in the digital world—especially during the holiday season? In this episode, we're joined by Leigh Tynan, Director of TELUS Online Security, to discuss the importance of cyber safety and how to protect your identity and finances online. Listen in as Leigh shares her insights on the increasing prevalence of online fraud and identity theft in Canada. We delve into the specific risks Canadians face during the holidays and the best practices for safe online shopping. Leigh also walks us through the three phases of dealing with online fraud and offers practical...

EP314 Celebrating 6 Years of Young Money show art EP314 Celebrating 6 Years of Young Money

Young Money with Tracey Bissett

Six years, 314 episodes, a global audience across 40 countries, and over 350,000 downloads—join me in celebrating the incredible journey we've had on the Young Money podcast. With educational and entertaining content from all of our inspiring guests, I hope this show has guided you on your financial fitness journey. Listen in as I reflect on the past and share how my personal experiences and newfound perspectives will shape the future of Young Money. From addressing current issues to sharing listener stories and exploring the impact of biases on financial fitness, I plan for the next chapter...

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Hilda Gan is the President and Founder of People Bright Consulting, a company known for delivering custom human resource solutions. Hilda is an HR consultant, trainer, and keynote speaker, and combines her business acumen, business ownership experience, and HR expertise to help organizations build the foundation to successfully hire, retain, and engage employees. She is the creator of the Connect with REVUP™ Program, a program that trains, mentors, and coaches executives to develop their people management skills. Hilda is also passionate about working with young adults through her Leadership/Management Training Program.


Hilda joins me today to answer the questions that young millionaires in the making and Young Money listeners have asked. She reveals how you can stimulate your creative mind at work and the benefits of volunteering and taking advantage of company mentor programs. Hilda shares the approach you should take to deal with a problematic manager and how to handle workplace harassment. She also shares what you should do if you lose your job and the importance of having a contingency fund in place.

“If you have a mentor program in your company, take advantage of it.” - Hilda Gan

This Week on Young Money:


  • How to manage your creative mind at work.
  • Balancing what you want to do and have to do at work.
  • The benefits of volunteering.
  • How to tell your manager that you want to do more.
  • Why you should take advantage of mentor programs.
  • How to deal with a difficult manager or workplace harassment.
  • What you should do if you lose your job.
  • The difference between job termination and a layoff.
  • Contingency funds, severance, and financial steps to take if you lose your job.

Key takeaways:


  1. Take advantage of volunteer and mentor programs.
  2. Have a contingency fund in place.
  3. Respectful, professional and ongoing communication is key. 

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