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It's Personal: Do you know what I've done?

Faith and Life Podcast

Release Date: 10/13/2019

You demonstrate forgiveness when you respond to someone in a way that helps that person to replace shame with hope. While being guilty is part of being human, living with shame is something we choose. The greatest trick shame plays on us is alienating us from the one thing that might help – love. Every person needs to know they are more than the sum of their worst moments. When Jesus ate with Zacchaeus, Jesus modeled forgiving love. Out of that same love, God has forgiven us through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Although God knows our every sin, God chooses to forgive and forget them because of Jesus. When a person makes changes to their life as a way to please someone, perform for someone, or perfect their image, those changes are often short-lived. When you demonstrate love in the face of someone’s deepest vulnerability, you answer a number of unspoken questions, like Do you think I will be okay? Do you think I still have value? Do you think I can be forgiven? We can learn to be a person who default setting is to demonstrate forgiveness.
Next Step: Learn and then practice being a forgiving person.