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Education: SharePoint and Microsoft Teams in the classroom

The Intrazone by Microsoft

Release Date: 10/15/2019

Get schooled on Viva Learning show art Get schooled on Viva Learning

The Intrazone by Microsoft

Get ready to be a learn-it-all! On this episode, Chris and Mark chat with their peers from the Microsoft Viva Learning team, Andrea Lum and John Mighell. Viva Learning removes traditional obstacles paving pathways to learning culture success. They cover the demands of "enterprise learning," upskilling within Microsoft Teams, connecting 3rd-party content sources (Coursera, Harvard Business Publishing, Pluralsight, Skillsoft, to name a few), and a peek at what comes next. Time to get schooled on The Intrazone. . Andrea Lum | | [guest] John Mighell | | [guest] | [co-host] | [co-host]...

SharePoint roadmap pitstop - April 2022 show art SharePoint roadmap pitstop - April 2022

The Intrazone by Microsoft

April 2022 brought a lot of new tech to Microsoft 365 - lots of SharePoint and related tech goodness: Viva Topics in Outlook for the Web (4:40), Viva Topics insights, Microsoft Stream: Comment on a video or audio file, Create directly from the SharePoint app bar, Microsoft Lists for Android (9:30), Create and manage Power Apps from Microsoft Lists within Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Lists Calendar view: 'Unscheduled' Pane, OneDrive: Access your Teams standard and private channel files, OneDrive: Pin shared libraries to Quick Access, Viva Insights (20:20): Shared focus plans, Microsoft Purview,...

Optimizing SharePoint performance show art Optimizing SharePoint performance

The Intrazone by Microsoft

On this episode, we break the sound barrier with Shyam Narayan (Principal Group Product Manager | Microsoft (SharePoint)) about optimizing SharePoint performance. It's all about scale, speed, and reliability of the SharePoint service in Microsoft 365, from page load times to file open/upload/download, and "not waiting for sync." We focused our discussion on all the recent service tweaks and innovations he and team have done to optimize the SharePoint content services platform. Social and Info Links: Shyam Narayan | | [guest] | [co-host] | [co-host]...

Loop, there it is! show art Loop, there it is!

The Intrazone by Microsoft

On this episode, we get loop'y with Microsoft Loop. We chat with Greg Howard -- Principal product manager for Microsoft Loop and Fluid Framework (Office Experience Organization at Microsoft). Greg takes us through what Loop is - including common use scenarios, how it adds value throughout Microsoft 365, what's out now (Loop components), behind-the-scenes integration work (OneDrive component storage), and insights into what comes next. It's gonna be a Loop-the-loop thrill ride! Hop on. . Social and Info Links: Greg Howard | | [guest] | [co-host] | [co-host] ...

SharePoint roadmap pitstop - March 2022 show art SharePoint roadmap pitstop - March 2022

The Intrazone by Microsoft

March 2022 brought a lot of new tech to Microsoft 365 - lots of SharePoint and related tech goodness: Top news in Viva Connections dashboard, Focus plans in Viva Insights, SharePoint Syntex: Content assembly, Microsoft Teams Connect "Shared channels", co-authoring MIP content on mobile, Managed metadata column in SharePoint document libraries, new Lists templates, Yammer dark mode, and more. We also hear from Arun Das, principal product manager helping to bring Microsoft Teams Connect "Shared Channels" to market (currently in public preview). Arun highlights several scenarios Teams Connect was...

FastTrack'ing Viva, SharePoint, and OneDrive show art FastTrack'ing Viva, SharePoint, and OneDrive

The Intrazone by Microsoft

On this episode, Chris and Mark cover all things FastTrack - Microsoft's program to help customers move comfortable to the Microsoft 365 cloud. speak with Lora Moynihan from the FastTrack team and Mike Hollingshead from the SharePoint team - representing scale use and adoption motions on the product engineering side. And then we chat with Alejandro Lopez who sits on the frontline with our customers once they are engaged with the FastTrack program. We discuss the best ways to engage FastTrack, some tips and tricks specific to OneDrive, SharePoint, and Viva - knowing that FastTrack holistically...

SharePoint roadmap pitstop February 2022 show art SharePoint roadmap pitstop February 2022

The Intrazone by Microsoft

February 2022 continued strong in Microsoft 365 with numerous SharePoint and related tech goodness: Updated My feed web part, Viva Topics integration with SharePoint Syntex taxonomy, new Microsoft Graph connectors, channel and folder rename between Teams and SharePoint, Microsoft 365 connected templates, OneDrive sync for macOS, and more. We talk with Raju Nagalinga - principal program manager at Microsoft focused on Microsoft Graph connectors in connection to Microsoft Search. Raju talks more about two new connectors for Jira and Confluence, plus the broader ways to connect your various...

Lists for everyone show art Lists for everyone

The Intrazone by Microsoft

Have you heard? You can now sign into Microsoft Lists with your Microsoft account (MSA) - now in preview: . This is a lightweight version of the Microsoft Lists app designed for small business and individual use in conjunction with your MSA. In this episode, we talk with Miceile Barrett and Ben Truelove from the Lists engineering and design teams respectively. We discuss the innerworkings of the what, how, and why of the service and primary design elements that make it easy and powerful to track and manage information no matter what size the team - in work or life. Click here for this...

SharePoint Roadmap Pitstop January 2022 show art SharePoint Roadmap Pitstop January 2022

The Intrazone by Microsoft

January 2022 kicked us off right in Microsoft 365 with a slew of SharePoint and related tech goodness: Microsoft Editor in SharePoint pages, Viva Topics topic card improvements, SharePoint navigation switcher, conversation search in Office.com and SharePoint, migration updates, Microsoft Lists: Board view, Power BI for libraries, new library drop-down menu, Lists in the SharePoint app bar, and more. Mark also chats with Yogesh Ratnaparkhi - Microsoft principal program manager focused on migration of files and folder into Microsoft 365. We chat about progress on Migration Manager in the...

Architecting Adelaide show art Architecting Adelaide

The Intrazone by Microsoft

It’s time to audibly travel to Australia for architect-level SharePoint guidance. On this episode, we hear from three IT Pro experts from the Aussie community – specifically the Adelaide Microsoft IT Pro Community: Brett Moffet (Cireson), Matt Cline (Data#3), and Andrew O'Young (Subnet). You’ll hear their approach to solutions – from managing a hybrid deployment, to migrating to the cloud at scale, and recommendations for IT Pros “to learn more and get certified.”

More Episodes

We talk with Office 365 for Education customers Alexander Strauss-Köhn and Mats Öström, experts from the educational department from Stockholm City Schools. They discuss the implementation and benefits of using Office 365 for students, teachers and parents. Also, we talk with Dominic Williamson from Microsoft Teams for Education and Debjani Mitra from SharePoint. We learn about specific features and use cases designed from customer feedback that are now built into the products themselves, bringing unique educational value.

Running Time: 67min

Topic of the Week – Education [00:00]

Guest Perspective – Dominic Williamson and Debjani Mitra [4:05]

Guest Perspective – Alexander Strauss-Köhn and Mats Öström [29:40]

FAQs [54:00]

Upcoming Events [01:02:25]

Resources and Show Wrap [01:05:50]

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