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CD204: Why Brexit the EU?

Congressional Dish

Release Date: 11/12/2019

CD 241: 20th Anniversary of the Patriot Act show art CD 241: 20th Anniversary of the Patriot Act

Congressional Dish

The Patriot Act: A law that is still governing us after 20 years despite being almost universally hated. In this episode, we take a close look at the lesser known parts of the Patriot Act that became permanent immediately, examine the status of the few provisions that had to be reauthorized over the years, find out how the law was crafted in the first place, and see what happened to the members of Congress who voted for this rights-destroying legislation.

Thank You Manchin The Corruption Preserver show art Thank You Manchin The Corruption Preserver

Congressional Dish

Most press coverage right now is focusing on Sen. Joe Manchin's efforts to gut the Democratic Party's "Build Back Better" bill, but his efforts to gut the For The People Act might have much larger consequences for the future of the country. In this bonus "thank you" episode, learn about Senator Manchin's effort to maintain Congressional corruption in our election systems before Jen and Husband Joe thank producers and respond to their feedback, much of it about BIF: The Infrastructure Bill.

CD240: BIF The Infrastructure BILL show art CD240: BIF The Infrastructure BILL

Congressional Dish

Jen has been all over the internet lately telling the world that the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework is a dumpster fire of a bill. In this episode, she backs that up by comparing the levels of investment for different kinds of infrastructure and examining the society changing effects the bill would have if it were to become law.

Thank You #HoldTheLine show art Thank You #HoldTheLine

Congressional Dish

This week was Congressional madness. In this bonus Thank You episode, Jen starts with an update on all the manufactured crises that came to a head this week and explains why October 18, October 31, and December 3rd are our next scheduled crisis dates. She then reads and responds to producers notes about the WTO, housing, digital nomad life, and more.

CD239: The Enablers of Larry Nassar show art CD239: The Enablers of Larry Nassar

Congressional Dish

In June 2015, the FBI in Indianapolis was notified that Larry Nassar, a doctor for Olympic caliber gymnasts, was sexually abusing his underage patients. In this episode, hear highlights from a riveting Senate hearing with testimony from Maggie Nichols, McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman, and Simone Biles and get all the details presented in an Inspector General report explaining why the FBI did nothing to stop Larry Nassar for over a year while he continued to abuse dozens of additional young girls.

Thank You Water Bombs show art Thank You Water Bombs

Congressional Dish

In this bonus "thank you" episode for producers, Jen starts off the episode with an addendum to Losing Afghanistan before thanking producers and filling everyone in on the magnificence of the new Raiders stadium.

CD238: Losing Afghanistan show art CD238: Losing Afghanistan

Congressional Dish

The war in Afghanistan is over. In this episode, we document how and why the Biden administration finally admitted defeat in our 20 year attempt to create a new government in Afghanistan and we take a hard look at the lessons we need to learn. Afghanistan is a country in a far away land, but there are disturbing similarities between the Afghanistan government that just collapsed and our own. We'd be wise not to ignore them.

Thank You, Market Rate Racket show art Thank You, Market Rate Racket

Congressional Dish

Floods, fires, abortion bans: Oh my! In this bonus thank you episode, hear Jen's thoughts on this rough week in the United States, with some extended perspective on the end of the eviction moratorium from the perspective of a former corporate landlord. Jen will then thank and respond to all the wonderful souls who are co-producing this podcast.

CD237: Hunting Domestic Terrorists show art CD237: Hunting Domestic Terrorists

Congressional Dish

In the aftermath of January 6th, Congress passed a "Capitol Security" law and is considering other measures to deal with "domestic terrorists". In this episode, after examining the new law, we take a look at domestic terrorism related bills moving through Congress, analyze current "domestic terrorism" laws, and take a close look at plans for investigating, preventing, and prosecuting Americans for crimes they have yet to commit.

Thank You, Help Wanted show art Thank You, Help Wanted

Congressional Dish

Interested in becoming a part of the Congressional Dish team? In this surprise bonus Thank You episode, learn how you can become the new master of show notes, examine how the financial industry is setting the stage for the next Wall Street induced financial crash, and listen in as Jen responds to lots of producer notes about the MAGA riot episode. (By the way, Jen meant "reconciliation", not "reconstruction". You'll know when you hear it.)

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The European Union is a partnership of 28 countries that the United Kingdom has been trying to escape from since 2016. In this episode, we examine the European Union in order to understand the decision the citizens of the UK were asked to make and learn why the United States has become a theme in the Brexit debate.

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Parliment Meeting: House Of Lords, Parlimentlive.tv, October 19, 2019


  • Lord Newby
  • Reid of Cardigan
  • Baroness Ludford
  • Lord Rooker

10:33:00 Lord Newby: My Lords, and your Lordship's house is sitting on a Saturday today for the first time since 1983, and only the fourth time in 80 years. These occasions have typically been to debate a serious foreign threat to the vital interests of the United Kingdom, the outbreak of the second world war, Suez, the Falklands. Today we sit on a Saturday to try to resolve a serious internal threat to the unity and future of the conservative party. There is no reason other than the prime minister's macho commitment to leave the EU by the 31st of October for the government's decision to recall parliament today. Such a timetable is a complete abuse of the parliamentary process. It doesn't allow the appropriate impact assessments to be made, it doesn't allow the relevant select committees to consider the proposals, and it doesn't allow the commons in your Lordship's house to give proper consideration to the withdrawal bill. It barely gives us time to read and compare the documents. The withdrawal agreement itself, some 535 pages, was available for the first time from Nobel -- to pick up from the printer paper office just this morning. And so we certainly have not had time to identify and work out what some of the changes mean. For example, the sections in the political declaration on dispute settlement and the forward process had been substantially rewritten. Why? Parliament today is being asked to approve these changes with no effective ability to question the ministers on them. It is a disgrace.

10:39:00 Lord Newby; And the impact on the union with Scotland is also clear. Northern Ireland will have freer access to EU markets than Scotland. Scotland, understandably, we want the same, and the only way they can get it is by independence. This deal is a further recruiting Sergeant for the --

11:07:00 Reid of Cardigan: And to those who say, but we can rely on our allies bailing as out economically, I didn't know --, particularly the president of the United States, because he's a reliable man -- once. I suggest you have a word with the Kurds and see whether you want to reflect upon them.

11:14:00 Baroness Ludford: No -- the leader spoke of the wonderful perspective of international trade deals. President Trump has just imposed a 25% tariff on imports of single malt whiskey. Smaller independent whiskey producers face having their quote "feet taken out from under them", said one. Compare this with how the EU has used its clout to leave open markets in Asia for scotch whiskey that were previously heavily protected by tariff walls. We cannot trust president Trump.

12:02:15 Lord Rooker: The push for a free trade agreement with America, the food poisoning capital of the West, where food poisoning rates are 10 times in the UK per head of population, will have consequences. And on a very minor point of detail, I realize that, research published in the UK only last year proves that chlorine washing of food does not kill all the bugs. And that's the microbiology society. And given the United States of America has over 400 people a year die of salmonella compared to none here, it seems to be the case we're heading for very serious consequences of life and death.

Parliment Meeting: House Of Commons, Parlimentlive.tv, October 19, 2019


  • Boris Johnson
  • Jeremy Corbyn
  • Kier Starmer

9:49:00 Boris Johnson: Speaker: I have complete faith in this house to choose regulations that are in our best tradition of the highest standard -- of the highest standards of environmental protections and workers' rights. No one, no one anywhere in this chamber believes in lowering standards. Instead, the loss of gesticulation, the statement by the prime minister, must be heard, and it will be. The prime minister -- no one believes in lowering standards; instead we believe in improving them, as indeed we will be able to do, as we will be able to do, and seizing the opportunities of our new, freedoms, for example, free from the common agricultural policy. We will have a far simpler system where we will reward farmers for improving our environment and animal welfare. Many of whose provisions are impossible under the counter agents. Instead of just paying them for their acreage and free from the common fisheries policy, we can ensure sustainable yields based on the latest science, not outdated methods of setting quotas. And these restored powers will be available not simply to this government, but to every future British government of any party to use as they see fit. That is what restoring sovereignty means. That is what was meant in practice by taking back control of our destiny.

9:59:00 Jeremy Corbyn: This deal, Mr. Speaker, what inevitably and absolutely inevitably lead to a Trump trade deal, forcing the UK, forcing the UK to diverge from the highest standards and expose our families once again to chlorine washed chicken and hormone treated beef.

10:02:00 Jeremy Corbyn: And if anyone had any doubts about this, we only have to listen to what their own honorable members have been saying. Like the one yesterday who rather let the cat out of the bag saying members should back this deal, as it means we can leave with no deal by 2020. The cat has truly got out of the bag. So can the Prime Minister confirm whether this is the case and that if a free trade agreement has not been done, it would mean Britain falling on to world trade organization terms by December next year with only Northern Ireland having preferential access to the EU market? No wonder the foreign secretary said this represents, and I quote, "a cracking deal for Northern Ireland." They would retain frictionless access to the single market. It does beg the question, Mr. Speaker, why can't the rest of the UK get a cracking deal by maintaining access to the single market?

12:30:00 Kier Starmer: But it's obvious where it leads because once you've diverged, once you've moved out of alignment with the EU, trade becomes more difficult. I will just finish the point, trade becomes more difficult and the EU is not seen any longer as our priority in trade and the gaze goes elsewhere to make up. I'll finish this point, if I may, I will finish this point. Because once you've moved out of alignment, you don't move back. And the further you may move out, the less easy it is to trade with the EU 27. And once you've done that, you've broken the economic model we've been operating for decades. And once you've done that, you look elsewhere. Once you've done that, you look across to the United States. I will finish this point and then I'll give way. The gaze goes across to the US and that's a different economic model. It's not just another country, it's a different economic model, a deregulated model. In the US, 10 days is the holiday entitlement. Many, many contracts at work, I'll pull contracts at will. Hugely powerful corporate bodies have far more power than the workforce. So this is a political direction of travel, not a technical decision on the EU, that takes us to a different economic model, one of deregulation, one of low standards, one where the balance between the workforce and corporate bodies gets far worse than it is now.

Interview: Christine Lagarde: The "60 Minutes" interview, CBS NEWS, October 20, 2019


  • John Dickerson - Interviewer
  • Christine Lagarde

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