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What a Creep: Steven Seagal (Action Star Creep)

What a Creep

Release Date: 12/06/2019

What a Creep

Season 3, Episode 7

Steven Seagal


Steven Seagal is creepy on so many levels that we had to weed some things out due to time constraints. Here we give you the 411 on why the first non-Asian person to own a dojo in Japan (sure, Jan), actor, musician, and the supposedly certified peace officer is not only an embellisher of his accomplishments but also a total letch to women. (And man is he sense of humor-deprived!)

Really, he is super gross. Plus, Margo shares her own Seagal story! 

Then we get rid of the ickiness of Seagal and talk about an actor and philanthropist who was not a creep and we should all emulate!

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