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Our Search for Assurance

Faith and Life Podcast

Release Date: 12/09/2019

Our search for assurance find hope in Jesus. We live with more uncertainty than we would admit. We know that at any moment life could take a devastating turn. The current events in our culture cascade around us and we are left asking, “Now what will happen?” Even when we have worked hard to ensure that we will be ok, there is an endemic uncertainty to this life that leaves us searching for greater assurance of our futures. Some who journeyed out into the Judean wilderness to hear John the Baptist were surely looking for greater assurance. In his preaching John cast both threat and assurance. What can we learn from John’s teaching as to where we will find true assurance?
Next Step: Make a list your uncertainties over which you feel dread. Surrender your uncertainties to Christ and hear him say to you, “Trust me on this.”