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The Artisan Soul: Voice

Faith and Life Podcast

Release Date: 02/16/2020

We find our true voice in God’s voice. Our voice is the internal narrative that drives our thoughts, words, and actions. Our voice shapes our experience of the world.  When our voice dwells in the voice of God, we begin to find our true and unique voice – our true story. We will struggle to fully live when we allow other voices to silence our own unique voices.  Shame silences us. Grace invites us to boldly tell our unique story. God’s voice in us becomes our story that we offer the world. What story is God speaking through you? 
Next Step: Identify whether the voice that speaks most loudly in your internal narrative is God’s voice. If it is not God’s voice, work to disregard that voice and discover God’s voice in you. Begin and end each day this week answering this prayer question, Lord, what are you telling me about my story today?