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Disrupt Yourself

The Lyon Show

Release Date: 03/03/2020

We are creatures of habit we get stuck in retinues, schedules, ruts, same old blah za blah. You need to learn to disrupt first your self then the system and then the world around you be different stand out speak up, play, travel have more random conversations learn from new resources. The other truth is sometimes every one needs some creative disruption by breaking convention to accelerate movement to the future. We can move forward if we are holding on to the path sometimes we need to break free from our status quo and let go and create a new path a new work and new dream, disrupting your self can be the best thing you can do for your creative growth. Learn, break adapt create disruption is a useful tool because it literally up-root how we think about things allowing for new connections to be made and new experiences to be had lots of artist use disruption to get over writers block or start new in devours. Life is all about experience you need to travel or read fantasy or eat new foods its about saying yes to life and allowing your body to learn from new experience disrupt your self as much as you can as long as it doesn’t effect your productivity its always a good ideas to go new places and allow your self to get drunk on new ideas you ways of life new sights and smells so disrupt your self use it as a tool when you feel stuck go some where new try something different and disrupt your life.