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Deep Work

The Lyon Show

Release Date: 03/04/2020

Focus / Deep work

To create what you want and what the world needs from you requires focus heres where will teach you the power of deep work and focus but I want you to understand a theory that has changed my life. Growing up add and being extremely ambitions with a running head first into thing mentality I never was able to completely finish many of my goals because I would start something and I would have every intent to bring this new inspiration in to reality but then I would get distracted or find a new thing that I would again feel compel to do and eventually I would have to many things going on at once that I would find my self's stuck going in no direction and not getting any of my dreams to come true. After years of work and many successes I have found what it takes you create anything you want in life and here it is. Every thought that you have has energy, every single one. To prove it if you hook your self up to a mri and watch the how you body reacts as you have good and bad thoughts you will become a true believer that your thoughts are real and they have effects on our lives. This means the thought your having right now have power have energy and the more you thoughts you have the more energy you are giving it. So what im trying to say is if your truly want to unleash your creative genius you have to take control of your thoughts. Again though theirs a balance it’s a funny thing how the universe has light and dark as well as something and nothing but when you are trying to create a business a piece of art the more your thoughts are focused on the out come that you want the more energy you are putting into that to becoming reality. So if you want to create that successful business but all you think about is losing money your going to put energy into losing money not into your successful business. I know this is a large concept and you are free to take it as you will but lets just say instead we are going by the fooled by randomness assumption that everything just happens randomly and there's no power to your thoughts in manifesting your business. Wouldn’t the fact be that the odds would be highly more likely in your favor of a successful business if you were putting more thoughts into how it can then in the opposite… I think so. Back to focus so how do you truly focus and do deep work. In the world today there are so many distraction and things you can do a buy or experience that we tend to never even try and work undistracted and in doing so we never really put our all into things giving us half assed work and a halfassed life. To unleash your creative genius you have to shut off distractions unplug from the hustle and bustle and the restaurants of time and you have be free to lose your self in your work. So when you really want to focus and create the very best you can you have start with a simple work station and have one task in front of you, then you have remove all distractions. When I want to write I turn off my phone and close all windows on my browser and I put in ear plugs or some people say instrumental music without words help them but I prefer the to listen to the silence of my work. When doing deep work its important to just be with the process and not be forcing your self to do thing but instead be accepting that this is happening now and that you are grateful to have this opportunity to do your work. To truly be free you have to not be rushed by time so no clocks or deadlines because if your are truly doing your best work then it will happen when it is ready not when you force out. When doing deep work you are trying to be your very best and create what your highest self want in the world. All ways do your best is what Im trying to say but don’t get over whelmed and lose sight that your simply doing the what you can in this moment to the best of your ability and what your doing is good enough or will be able to try again and next time it will be even better then this.

Simplicity is you best friend when doing deep work so do simple task well and do complex tasks step by step furiously. Make sure your work space is clean and ready for your deep-work or at least at a un-distracting form remember money and creativity like organization and clean environment. Disconnected from everything but your task at hand and allow your self become fully consumed by your work because to live is to create. What will you create if you actual tried your hardest.
So if each thought has energy and you have no distraction and its just you and your work there’s nothing that can stop you from unleashing your creative genius so take this time serious every day you should be telling your self today I’m not fucking around today I’m changing the world.