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Increase Web traffic Part 2

The Lyon Show

Release Date: 03/17/2020

Now we're going to talk about authority and how authority can drive traffic.

Authority It's a made up idea that is larger than life because we see people on stage, we see people doing what we want to be doing.

You know, the thing about authority is it's so powerful.

It can mean the difference of $10 and $10,000.

It can be people giving you free stuff to you losing everything and people taking everything from you.

So how do we use authority to drive traffic?

The easiest way to use the authority to drive traffic is through partners.

If someone is selling something on the side of the road compared to someone selling something on Amazon.

Amazon has a little more authority, Amazon has a little more trust.

They have built up the wellbeing and the like the aura of view buying things from them.

Whereas the person on the side of the road is kind of sketchy.

So partners are number one for authority.

If you sell your stuff on Etsy, you sell your stuff on Amazon, you have to build your brand or you make your brand seem like somebody else with authority.

Next for authority is to write a book.

I want to talk a little bit about the psychology of authority.

So it's all perspective.

It's how people see you and see your product.

So if you can write a book, people are automatically going to put you on a higher pedestal than somebody who hasn't written a book.

So that's a real easy way to boost authority and just wipe millions of people from your league in your, in your specific niche, in your specific area.

Other ways is a podcast.

When I step onto a podcast, I have an audience, you know, it's like I'm standing on stage and I build that audience and that build it over time.

So I might have 10 people that I'll have a hundred people.

Then I'll look thousand people then 10,000 people, 100,000 people every time I stepped to the mic.

You know, but because you're constant and your someone who says things that resonate with people, then it builds your authority, build your power, a YouTube channel, you put out more content and you rank it.

Another good way to get authority is through SEO.

Like we just talked about.

What if your face was everywhere that people searched for whatever your niches, you know, if somebody needed relationship counseling and then they Googled it and your face was there and they looked on YouTube and your face was there and then they looked in Facebook and your faces, they're sorry face and they look in your phone and then you're in their contacts or something and you look in their email and you're in there, that's pretty powerful.

That's what good branding does.

True authority means that you're taking up that space in people's mind with who you are.

Like Tony Robbins is taking up space in people's mind when they think of personal development.

Like Coca Cola is taking up space in people's mind when people think of soda or pop wherever you're from.

So using authority to drive traffic back to your product is huge.

So let's just talk about how to build authority.

So we've talked about books, we've talked about partnering with bigger brands, we talked about being everywhere that your desired prospects look and learn and everywhere that you possibly can be, okay, but to take it another step farther we're going to go into another thing where we talk about collaboration.

But real authority comes from your results plus your reputation.

And you can start from nothing.

But then if you're there, whenever people talk about a certain subject and it doesn't take money to have class, it doesn't take money to have authority.

If you put in the time you put in the work, your reputation plus results is going to drive your authority Skyward.

So just think more about authority.

You can get authority by going on other people's podcasts too.

You know, by getting interviewed, that'll build your authority in that niche or YouTube or in the newspapers or press releases.

You know, being focused on your PR can be huge for your authority.

If every time people look in the newspaper and they see something about your business, that's a good authority that you're building.

If you have the biggest sign in town about your business, that's probably some good authority about what your business is, you know? So these are all things that you can think about and trust me, authority means you can raise your prices. It means people will come looking for you because you're the go to guy in your niche or girl, you know.

So authority is big time


Collaboration is such an under spoken about or utilized a method for driving traffic.

But I think podcasting that I'm really into and I keep talking about obviously cause you're listening to my podcast is so powerful.

So think about this.

You have a product, you're trying to sell trying to every which way to sell it.

What if you just partnered with someone who's already in your niche and you had a collaboration and they don't even have to frickin be an affiliate or anything like that.

You can just have a conversation and use it as content, but that collaboration can make you millions of dollars.

Or let's say you're a musician.

If you make a song with another band, you guys swap audiences.

So if you think about it, if you're, if you're a business, you just swap audiences with another business and you collaborate on something, the power of working together as one can be UN matched.

So the power of collaboration could really take any business to that next level.

It doesn't even have to be talking about selling things together.

It can just be big CEOs selling things or talking together.

I mean like having a human conversation and then using it as content.

So you come together as one just to hang out and share audiences.

Think about how many eyeballs are on one person and how many eyeballs are on you.

And then if you come together, you get that much more exposure, that much more reach.

 We're talking reach without paying for ads, without selling your soul or lowering your prices and having a sale because people are focused on only so many things that they can pay attention to.

If you can get in contact with something that they're paying attention and they're already interested in and then you come into their world, just think about that.

The thing about collaboration is it's not only with other CEOs or other business partners.

The collaboration also comes from your customers when they leave you testimonials, when they leave you reviews.

That also builds your authority, so you should definitely have in place in any business, a collaboration model where you are all out on just having conversations where you talk about other people's business and then they talk about your business and think about it instead of paying for ads, what have you just asked somebody else in the same niche if you guys could collaborate on a piece of content, doesn't have to be anything about selling stuff to each other or selling each other's stuff.

It can just be a collaboration of you two coming together and talking about your businesses and your niche and your industry.

The power of collaboration can drive insane amounts of traffic to your product.


So contests, people love free shit and everybody in America loves free crap.

They love the idea of winning something because they never win nothing because they have a poor mindset.

No offense, no offense, I love you America.

But running contests putting people on pedestals, you know, I think it was Napoleon who said that men will do insane things for ribbons.

I mean he meant go to war and murder and kill and offer a ribbon.

You know, so have some ribbons for your business for people, but more importantly, run Facebook contests.

It's a great way to get massive reach.

You, you can run a contest on any social platform and people will sign up.

It's a way to blow up your email list.

 It's a way to blow up your podcast, blow up your content by having a ongoing celebration.

You know, if the reason I think people like contest is cause there's a finish line, there's an end, somebody wins and everybody else loses.

We're all very self focused on being the hero of our story.

So if we win something and everybody else loses, that means we are the hero of this story at this moment. And everybody else sucks.

It's so powerful.

Contests, run contests, become the contest running master and makes sure somebody wins and make sure everybody else knows it because the next time they're going to be the one that wants to win.

The world has been ran on contests.

The Superbowl, world war two, the world cup, people love to get their testosterone going because they're trying to win something, us versus them tribe mentality.

It really actually builds your tribe too.

If you run a contest and in the prize is something that connects your audience more to your business.

Coffee and marketing podcasts ran a contest they ran a contest and the winner got a bunch of Bulletproof coffee stuff and they got such a good prize for your fan base because it keeps it all in the same niche and the same click in the same tribe.

So figure out how your business can run a contest that will elevate, you know, everybody involved and have a winner and you'll collect a lot more emails and you'll collect a lot of likes and you'll get a lot more reach.

There's so many more ways to reach people like by winning something and having a contest.



 Now there's a difference between events and networking.

Events is where you actually leave your house and you go somewhere where there's lots of people.

I personally go to tons of shows and tons of events, but I rent booths and I sell myself and I sell stuff and I, you know, prostitute myself out for these events.

But that's my way of going to an event and not just spending money.

I go there to make money, but I still participate in lots of events.

But I go out of my comfort zone and I meet people and I connect and I swap business cards.

I always make incredible connections because I'm very friendly.

I'll never forget, I went, I was learning public speaking and was strange.

Lady came up and talked to me and she didn't blink once and she just asked me questions and we talked for a good little while and then she says, okay, I've loved talking with you so much.

I'm a psychologist so I have to talk to everyone in the room.

 And I was like, wow, like that's weird.

But that's her job.

It wasn't weird.

 It was totally, totally honest.

And if you're a psychologist, your job is to talk to every single person in the room because every single person is a potential customer for you because we're all freaking crazy.

Go to events and try and actually talk to every single person in the room, talk to everyone at the event and see the amazing connections that you're going to bring business cards so people can keep in contact with you.

There's nothing like, there's nothing like truly giving your all to a situation that you're in with the best foot forward and connecting with as many people as possible.

Go to an event, have a way for people to buy stuff from you before you go.

Have something to sell.

Go there with the intent to be genuinely interested in as many people as possible and then find out just how incredible the power of events can be.



So outreach is manual. It is upsetting. It is interrupting people's day with your message.

It's serious though, cause it'll drive serious traffic to your product if you take it seriously.

If you max out, let's say this is just like a way of putting it into context.

Max out your friends, you can get 5,000 friends on Facebook.

And then manually outreach every single one of them with your pitch, with your offer, with your service, with your directly linking to your traffic and you're gonna probably, you know, cut a couple friends out, but you're going to sell a shitload of stuff because people are consumers.

That's just the truth.

I've learned this every time I've ever gone out of my house trying to sell stuff. It's that people like to buy stuff, you know, price doesn't really matter.

You know, people can find a way to get the money.

It's just having a good product and having a good way to deliver clarity and belief for that person that the product that you have is what they need and it is what they should be buying right now.

So manual outreach is super powerful and it should be done every day.

You should have inbound and outbound marketing going at all times of the day.

So outreach is more uncomfortable, but it's what separates the men from the mice.

It's how you really can deliver measurable traffic to your product.

Cause think about it, if you measure how many times you've asked for the sale that day, you're much more likely to improve your sales stats than you are to casually let it go and not have any pitches that day.

Like you have to manually interrupt people's day with your ideas.

And sometimes more than likely it's the best thing for them and it's what should be getting done.

Because what you're offering probably can improve a lot of people's life.

If you just get up off your ass, get up off your ass.

I get up off your ass and manually outreach people, do some thumb hustling, my friends, do some flipping, do some serious outreach and you will see serious results.

Yes, it's uncomfortable, but remember this, everybody is just a dumb, sexy monkey.

Like you're not going to hurt anything.

Don't take anybody personal.

Don't take anything personal.

Do some manual outreach.

Change your life by taking matters into your own hands.

Send as many messages until Facebook stops you from allowing you to send messages for a little while, you know, experiment, push the envelope, see how many people that come into your three-foot world that you can tell them about your business, about your service, about your offer, and then see how many sales you get.

And you can really radically change your bank account overnight.


Networking is different than events because networking can mean just calling your friends, calling your relationships that you have and staying in contact.

But it can also just mean going out to the, the places where the rich and important people go every day. You know, people that are drinking it two o'clock on the golf course because they've made all their money and they can, or on the beach, around their boat or are in fancy places at events.

You know, this is networking, networking at its finest.

Your network has to be people that you truly want to be like your next level up.

If you want to level up your life, go hang out with other people that are on that next level that you want to be on.

Network with them, hang out with them, do them favors.

Buy them lunch, buy them drinks.

Go out to wherever they are every Friday night because they have a routine.

You know, true power of networking is where the big whales are.

It's where the people that'll buy, not one of your products, but 10 of your products or your highest product.

Being good at networking is everything.

Keep those numbers in your phone.

Keep put them on a calendar to keep in contact with.

Read the books that they tell you to read or watch.

Go to the seminars that they tell you to go to.

Learn what they're into.

Learn where the real networks of the real influence in your group is, and you're going to be able to take over the fricking world by driving awesome networked personal traffic to your content, to your product, to your service, to change your life.


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 Much love, peace.